Book Review

by Jenna T.


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by Brandon Sanderson

Copyright: 2013

Genre: Science Fiction


David Charleston has been searching for a shady group of vigilantes named the Reckoners for many years now. He believes that they need each others help to take down an Epic villain named Steelheart. The Epics are primordial supernatural beings who rule the world in a cruel fashion. David and the Reckoners sort out their plan to overthrow the Epics and restore justice to the world.
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My Favorite Character

My favorite character is David. Despite losing his father, his mother, and all of his friends he doesn't lose focus on what is important. He turns all of his attention to the positive things in life and he is very motivated on the tasks ahead of him. David is very determined to make sure that his loved ones losses were not in vain.


I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves Science Fiction. This book is full of adventure and mystery. It has a great plot and wonderful characters, I could not put it down. You can tell that the author has a very creative mind to have come up with such a thrilling story. If you like exciting books than this is the book for you.
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This book is full of adventure