The Harlem Renaissance

The music explosion of the 1930s

History behind Harlem

Harlem was the center of the music, art, and all of the new and upcoming artists. The city is located in New York, within Manhattan. Harlem has also been the home for many different races, which made it very easy to immigrate to in the last 200 years. The now city used to be all farm land which has industrialized more and more over time.

The Renaissance

This was a time when slaves were starting to become free, starting to have their own rights to expression, and didn't have to listen to anyone. This movement created a new era called the Harlem Renaissance. African Americans expressed their feeling in art, music, and dance. This era shaped the music we call Jazz. Performers would flood the streets with their audiences coming to see them night after night, especially Louie Armstrong, one of the most famous Trumpet Players still today. The "Cotton Club" which featured both Louie and Duke Ellington took off. So many people were coming to see them, to be able to express their rights.