Biology Syllabus

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Jones High School



Biology, the study of life, focuses on several themes including: cells, energy usage, homeostasis, reproduction, heredity, evolution, and adaptation. You will use scientific inquiry to explore each of these major topics as a basis for all life science classes as well as in preparation for the Florida End of Course Biology Test.

TEXTBOOK Florida Glencoe Science Biology by Biggs et al


Your grade will be determined the following way:

Interactive Notebook- 40%

Assessments & Labs- 60%


J Respect all persons and items in the class at all times

J Be on time

J Arrive to class prepared; with all course materials

J Follow directions the first time they are given

J Actively participate in your learning experience


☺ Enter the room quietly, find your seat, and start on your bellwork immediately

☺ This class follows the school tardy policy; see your planner for details.

☺ You will be given 2 restroom passes for the quarter. You must keep them in your possession to redeem them. If you have not used your passes at the end of the quarter, you may turn them in for 1 point per pass towards your quarter grade.

☺ Sharpen your pencils before class begins. If you must sharpen you pencil during class, you may do so when the class is not being addressed as a whole.

☺ Raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak out.

☺ Typically I will stand silently in front of the class to ask for silence and your attention. I will also give time limit warnings to signify that an activity is coming to a close.

☺ The instructor is the only person to answer the phone.

☺ You may leave when the room is clean, everyone is seated, and the instructor dismisses you.


! 4- Seventy Sheet Spiral Notebooks

! Loose Leaf Paper

! Pencils

! Pens (Multi-Colored)

! Colored Pencils

! 3 Rolls Scotch Tape

! Highlighters

! Scissors


All assignments are due on the due date when the tardy bell rings for your class period. Assignments may be turned in one day late for ¾ credit and two days late for ½ credit. Assignments later than two days will not be granted credit. Students will be given one day for each day of an absence to make up assignments. Make up assignments are to be obtained on the day the student returns to school as the time limit will start from that day.


Extra help will be given to students upon request. Please schedule tutorial sessions with the instructor.


An active learner

Ø attends every class and on time

Ø comes prepared daily with all required materials

Ø takes class notes

Ø participates in class discussions

Ø seeks extra help when necessary

Ø uses time between classes to take care of personal needs

Ø adheres to the make-up policy


Lab safety contracts will be required for lab participation. Contracts must be signed by a parent/guardian and the student, and then returned.


All class assignments will be kept in you Interactive Notebook (INB). A seventy sheet spiral notebook will serve as your INB. You will utilize a new spiral notebook each quarter.


In the event of a disciplinary infraction, all attempts will be made to stop the situation by Ms. Grayson. If the event progresses, school board advised disciplinary actions will proceed.

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