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Week of April 27th


The end of the school year will be approaching soon. If you would like help and assistance on how to save the content and material you have put into your Haiku pages this year please email me or book me.

6th graders working with Augmented Reality

In Ms. Pauwel's 6th grade Language and Literature / Design classes students are discovering Augmented Reality. For their unit project, students read a book of their choice and are creating posters about their book using Publisher. After students are done creating their poster they will put together a short video recording telling their audience about the book. Once the video clip is done they will use their publisher page and video to make them become virtual reality using a program called "Aurasma." To get students familiar with Augmented Reality Ms. Pauwel's had students work with an app called "CoLAR" and students watched coloring sheet images come to life.
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Technology Integration at NDPMA

Below you will find a Google Doc link that explains technology integration that has took place in the classrooms at NDPMA this year.


Students can create Meme's to communicate their experiences of what they learned?

Link to Meme Generator

What is a meme? YouTube Video

Melissa York: Technology Integration Specialist

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