What is Autism?

A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating forming relationships with other people and in using language.

What behaviours are associated with autism?

Behaviour,aggression , genetic orders, seizure disorders, sleep dysfunctin, challenging behaviour, anxiety, meltdowns

What challenges might somebody with autism face?

  • find the right school or type of education.

  • move from school to college or into employment.

  • Have a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet.

  • enjoy leisure and recreational opportunities.

  • travel safely and independently.

  • begin or have a friendship or a relationship.

What potential strategies can help you communicate with people with autism?

Encourage play and social interaction,copy your child, focus on non-verbal communication, follow their interests.make them talk to other people and try to make friends.make them be active by going to leisure centre.