WDES School to Home Connection

May 2022 Edition

What's Going on at WD?

Happy May, WD Families! It is hard to believe that we only have 13.5 days remaining in the 2021-2022 School Year. Our students have made great progress and we could not be more proud of them! Currently we are working on completing end of year testing for all students in grades Prekindergarten through Fifth. With that being said, it is very important that your child attends school each day. Here is what we have going on WD this month...

Monday, May 2: Grade 5 Science SOL Test

Tuesday, May 3: Grade 3 Math SOL Test

Wednesday, May 4: Grade 4 Math SOL Test

Thursday, May 5: Grade 5 Math SOL Test

Friday, May 6: SOL Testing Makeups

Tuesday, May 10: Reading SOL Retakes

Wednesday, May 11: Popcorn Fundraiser Pick Up (see below)

Thursday, May 12: Math SOL Retakes

Friday, May 13: Science/ VA Studies SOL Retakes

Monday, May 16: Grades 3-5 End Year Testing Incentive

Tuesday, May 17: Field Day

Wednesday, May 18: Fifth Grade Promotion

Thursday, May 19: Early Release @12:30 PM (Last Day of School)

Thursday, May 19: Report Cards Sent Home

NN Popcorn Bag Fundraiser Pick Up

Thank you to all of our students who participated in the NN Popcorn Bag Fundraiser! Popcorn Fundraiser Pick Up will be Wednesday, May 11th from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM. If your child is a car rider, we will send their popcorn fundraiser items with them at dismissal time. Thank you for your support!
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WD staff and students got EXCITED for SOL Testing by participating in engaging classroom activities to review such as "The Floor is Lava" and "Egg Hunts." Students also enjoyed receiving encouraging notes and treats from their PK-2 "buddy classroom" throughout the week. We concluded the week with an SOL PEP Rally in which students and staff discussed what they need to do to try their best for SOL tests and created some fun incentives such as Mrs. Douglas Kissing a Goat, if the whole school meets their goal, and a trip to Stan's Skateland if individual student goals are reached.
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Field Day: Tuesday, May 17th

WDES is excited to announce that we will offer a Field Day for all students on Tuesday, May 17th.

On field day, please have your child:

-Bring a water bottle with their name on it

-Wear comfortable clothes that they can be "active" in

-Put on sunscreen before coming to school

-May bring a hat to wear outside (optional)

-Wear sneakers/ tennis shoes

Due to mitigation strategies, we will not have parent volunteers attend Field Day this year. Thank you for your understanding.

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School Hours

Student Drop Off (Side Entrance): 7:45 AM-8:05 AM

*If your child arrives after 8:05 AM, you will need to park your car in the main lot and walk them into the building. Students who enter the building after announcements are over will be considered tardy.

Announcements: 8:05 AM

School Day Begins: 8:10 AM

School Day Ends: 3:10 PM

Dismissal Begins: 3:10 PM

Buses Leave WDES: 3:15 PM (Approximately)

Students who are picked up before 3:10 PM will be considered an early release.

Bus Riders: Someone must be present to receive your child from the bus. If you would like to have your child dropped off at your home without someone receiving them, you may complete a Bus Waiver Form (Grades 3-5 Only). This requires approval from Central Office Administration. Please ask your child's teacher if you would like a bus waiver form.

Car Riders: Our car rider dismissal takes place in the car rider loops. If you are picking your child up after 3:05 PM, parents must use the car rider loop. If you need to get to an appointment and cannot wait in the car rider loop, please notify the front office and plan to pick up your child before 3:05 PM. This allows our staff to ensure that your child leaves school safely with the correct adult.

In the car rider loop, please remain in your vehicle at all times. A staff member will bring your child to your car. The safety of our students is our first priority. Please note, the posted speed limit in the WD Parking lot is 15 MPH. Thank you for your cooperation.

*All transportation changes must be made by 2:00 PM. This must be done by parent note sent to school or a phone call to the main office (804) 224-9100. Transportation changes after 2:00 PM will not be possible. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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Summer Academy 2022

WDES will offer a Summer Academy Program for students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Summer Academy Invitations will be sent home with students on Monday, May 2nd. In addition, a student sign up link will be shared with the parents of students invited through Class DOJO. If you have any questions regarding the Summer Academy Program, please reach out to your child's teacher. Thank you!


The WDES staff and students know what it takes to be an EAGLE! Eagle stands for:

Excellent Attitude

Always Responsible

Good Friend


Exceptional Attendance

Many WDES students have already been "caught being an Eagle" by demonstrating these traits! Check out some of the students (pictured above and below) who have already been "caught"being an Eagle by the WDES staff. Classroom teachers will share celebratory photos of your student when they are caught being an Eagle! #EaglePride

Prekindergarten Students Enjoy Learning About Farm Animals

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2-6

This week is Teacher Appreciation week! WDES has truly AMAZING teachers and staff members who go above and beyond to support our students. Let's show the WDES teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! Please encourage your child to participate in the daily activities described below. Thank you!
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Student Attendance

Parents and Guardians, please be sure to submit a note if your child needs to be absent. Notes can be sent to school by student or shared electronically through email or Class DOJO. For an absence to be considered excused, you must:

-Provide the Child's Name

-The date(s) of the absence(s)

-Excuse for why they are absent (see list of possible excused absences below)

Possible reasons for absence to be considered excused:

-Note from parent that the child is sick

-Doctor's (Medical/ Mental Health) or Dental note

-Note from an Officer of the Court

Parent written excuses can only be accepted for the first 5 consecutive absences or 10 total absences. Once a student has reached 10 total absences, only a note from a doctor/ dentist or from an officer of the court can be accepted per attendance policy.

Notes must be received within 5 days of the absence.

Please review the following actions that will occur upon the following absences:

3 Unexcused Absences: Class DOJO note and/or phone call reminder from school.

5 Unexcused Absences: Phone call, 5 Day Attendance letter, and attendance plan & meeting.

10 Total absences: Phone call, 10 Day Attendance letter, and attendance plan & meeting. Only notes from a medical/mental health doctor or an officer of the court will be accepted for excuses.

15+ Total absences: Review of attendance plan and meeting with School Administrator and Attendance Officer. Possible retention and or Truancy Court Referral.

Your child's attendance is recorded daily in Power School. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's attendance, please call the WDES Main Office.

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Mitigation Strategies

Following mitigation strategies correctly is critical to keeping WDES safe. We thank all of our students, parents, staff and families for following these expectations. Please review the following mitigation strategies that are in place.

Morning Temperature Screenings: All car riders and bus riders have their temperature taken upon arrival at school. Any student who has a temperature of 100.4+ will not be permitted to attend school that day. Please screen your child for Covid-like symptoms before sending them to school each day. Thank you for your cooperation!

Face Masks: At this time, parents have the option to have their child wear a face mask while in the school building and on the school bus. Parents and guardians, please discuss with your child whether you expect them to wear a mask or not while in the school building.

3-6 Ft Distancing: Our classrooms are set up to keep our students three feet apart (6 feet when possible) from one another. At this time, visitors are not allowed during lunch or to visit in the classrooms. Thank you for your understanding.

Cleaning: Teachers provide students with frequent opportunities to wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and use the Lysol spray to clean frequently used areas after student use. Our custodial staff completes a detailed cleaning regimen at the end of every school day after staff and students have left.

Students Required to Quarantine: If a student tests positive for Covid-19, they are required to quarantine for 5 days after the day they test positive followed by mask wearing for an additional 5 days. If a student is identified as a close contact (within 6 feet of a positive case for 15 minutes or more) they will also be required to quarantine for 5 days after the last day of exposure with an additional 5 days of mask wearing. Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days or are fully vaccinated may not be required to quarantine if they are identified as a close contact. An administrator will discuss your student's quarantine time and the teacher will reach out to the parent to create a quarantine learning plan. If your child has shared a space with someone who is Covid positive, you will receive a phone call from a WD staff member and a letter will be sent home with your child.

If your child tests positive or is a close contact of someone else who has tested positive, please notify the school immediately and begin quarantining your child at home. Thank you!

School Secretary Appreciation Week

WDES would like to recognize our AMAZING school secretaries, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Dickerson and school nurse, Mrs. Forrest for all that they do to support our students and staff! Thank you to all of our students and their families who showed their appreciation last week.
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End of School Year Information

The last day of school will be Thursday, May 19th. We will dismiss students at 12:30 PM. Please make sure that an adult is home to receive your child from the bus. Report Cards will be sent home with students on the final day of school. Please make sure that your child returns any library books that they may have at home. If you have any questions, please let your child's teacher know. Thank you!

School Issued Chrome Book or Hot Spot

If your child has not received a chrome book or a hot spot from the school system, these are still available. If you have a hot spot last year that you need to exchange or need to have repairs to your student's chrome book, please complete the parent/ student work order survey or call the help line at (804) 493-8042. Thank you!
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Happy Birthday May, June, and July Babies!

The WDES staff would like to wish a Happy Birthday to all of our staff and students born in the month of May, June, and July! A birthday certificate and pencil will be sent home in your child's folder this month!
Happy Birthday song