Social Media & How You Feel

How can you use social media in a way that feels positive?

How does your social media affect how you feel?

Big picture
Big picture

Take some time to reflect ...

  • What conclusions can you draw from these statistics?
  • How to they compare to your personal experience with social media?
How Do Different Social Media Platforms Affect Your Mood?

What is the difference between active use and passive use?

Active Use

  • Contributing online via posts, comments, or other forms of communication and expression

Passive Use

  • Scrolling through online content without reacting to the content

So ... what are some tips for using social media to make us feel happy instead of depressed?

  • Be positive: Let’s start with the obvious. If we want to use Social Media in a positive way, the first thing we can do is to BE positive. Post happy things and fun announcements. Share the exciting things in your life and the things that bring you joy! Focus on the good things and share them with your friends -- they will love finding the good things in their lives too ... I promise!

  • Don't judge others: So often we feel like we need to put others down to build ourselves up. Remember ... in order to have friends, you must be a friend.

  • Use the "LIKE" button: If you like it -- LIKE it! Share the love! Tell your friends that you like what they posted and make them feel good.

  • Think before you post: A few questions to ask yourself before posting a thought or picture: "Will this hurt anyone?", "Is this positive?", "Is this necessary?" Think about your intentions on why you are posting it.

  • Your worth is not based on how many "LIKES" you get: How many times have you checked how many "likes" you have received on one of your photos? How many times have you compared your "likes" to other peoples? As much as we love our "likes" -- it doesn't really matter how many we get. It doesn't make someone "better" if they have more likes than you and it doesn't make you "better" if you have more likes than them.

  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all: That leads us to the next way to be positive on social media ... Sometimes you may have to bite your lip -- but if you don't agree with someone, LET IT GO!

  • Share what you believe: Social media can be a great place to share your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Stand for what you believe it and for what you know to be true. You never know who is seeking to find truth and by sharing what you believe, you never know who you could help!

  • Create a balance: Lastly, it is so important to create a balance. Too much social media can be dangerous, but a little at a time is just fine! There is definitely a time and place to pull out your phone and scroll -- but there is also a time and place to put it away and focus on what is right in front of you.


Created by Mrs. Cing

Rutherford County Schools

District Instructional Technology Coach - SPED emphasis