The playfull killer

Paragraph 1

There was once a village in Roman Greece many, many, many years ago that a boy named Jared with long blond hair and a giant smile lived and played with the goddess Rainamus. Jared always played with Rainamus from dawn to dusk. Jared and Rainamus loved playing with each other so Rainamus asked, “Jared will you come play with me in the sky castle?” Then Jared replied with, “Most certainly my dearest playmate!”

Paragraph 2

Jared started his journey through the dessert, the harsh tundra, and the grasslands without taking a sip of cold water or a bite of food for days and nights. Like Apollo, Rainamus had a spy but the spy was a cloud. Rainamus was wondering where Jared was so she sent the cloud to look for him. The cloud saw Jared starving and dying of thirst so he lifted him up and brought him to Rainamus.

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Paragraph 3

Rainamus treated Jared back to health and he played with her all day long. Rainamus and Jared always played by the edge of the cloud so Rainamus told Jared to be careful around that edge. Jared forgot one day about the edge and they were playing “catch” when Rainamus threw a far ball and Jared lunged after the ball.

Paragraph 4

Jared was falling, and falling, and falling until the clouds caught him. The clouds didn’t like him so they pushed him off and he kept falling until a bird caught him and then threw him off sending him into a black pit. The black pit was the pit where everyone dies. Jared died because of Rainamus so she wept, and she wept so much that Zeus turned her into rain so she could cry forever about Jared.

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