Stage Whiteboard App

Shaylee, Sarah O., Nicole, Ali

Interactive White Board

Stage is an interactive white board app that allows you to bring your ideas to life. Stage gives teachers and students the opportunity to share their ideas all while interacting in an online curriculum.

This app can be used to display live videos, student work, projects, sketches, labels, writing, papers, homework assignments, etc.

Stage has numerous options to store labels, record, import PDF's and other files, as well as work with projectors using Airplay.

This app also allows the following…

* take notes

* add labels over live video


*record video & audio

*save screens

*present student or teacher work

*make corrections or mark up images

*Import PDF's and the list continues

*Easy to use

*Cost Efficient- Free to Install

*Portable & Purposeful

How To...

*Record: Push circle, with red circle inside of it and it will begin recording.

*Picture: Push camera button

*Whiteboard: Push the Whiteboard button- you may also add text and pictures onto the whiteboard as well

*Eraser allows you to erase your work

*Text box allows you to add text

*Label box allows for you to use a template label or create your own and add it to your whiteboard

*Shapes may also be used

*Pencil is to draw/write on your board (numerous colors available too)

Stage allows lessons to be fully engaging and interactive throughout the classroom!

Stage Interactive White Board