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SCIENCE Professional Development Opportunities

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November 8, 2017 ...... 4:30-6pm

@ Linmoor Education Center (2001 Hamilton Ave)

The Energy Bike is designed to demonstrate the fundamental concepts of electricity, including current, voltage, wattage, resistance, capacitance, and power. Students take active roles in pedaling the bike to produce electricity for different explorations.

The bike is perfect for 4th and 7th grade science standards, but many elementary schools like to use it for nighttime events. A training is needed to reserve and check out the Energy Bike.

GIZMOS Introduction Webinar (5th-8th grade only)

November 28, 2017 ...... 6-8pm

Gizmos are interactive science simulations that use an inquiry-based learning approach. CCS has purchased Gizmos for 5th-8th grade science teachers.

Attend this webinar to help your students understand difficult science concepts and prepare for the state assessment.


December 13, 2017 ...... 4:30-7pm

@ Oakland Park ES (3392 Atwood Terrace)

Picture Perfect Science has created 2 new resources:

Picture Perfect STEM K-2 and Picture Perfect STEM 3-5

Come engage in 5E lessons from the new resource books. Don't let the word STEM scare you off. The new lessons embed even more reading-comprehension strategies that integrate STEM subjects & ELA through high quality picture books. The lessons will lead your students to ask questions and define problems; obtain, evaluate, and communicate information; and engage in argument from evidence.

Participants will leave with 1 of the new resource books.

WEBSITES to check out!

CalAcademy Science Video Vault (good for K-12)

California Academy of Sciences has created engaging videos and resources for teachers.

Examples include: Kinesthetic Astronomy: Longer Days, Shorter Nights lesson plan & video clip

LearningScience.org (good for K-12)

Amazing website with science interactives & other resources designed to engage students.

Categories: Inquiry Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth & Space, Science & Technology, Science & Society, The History History & Nature of Science


Color Me Physics (good for 3rd-8th grade)

Introduces students to physics and famous physicists in a fun way!

There are Color Me Physics activity books you can download (certain pages or the whole book) and comic books you can read online (more difficult reading).

Grow Next Gen is a great agriculture resource

Meet the Bean: Soybeans are everywhere

What are soybeans and why are they such a valuable crop?

The link above contains some activities that may be perfect for your class or an after-school program.

Recipes for soy plastic and soy lip balm

Craft ideas for making a soybean stress ball, bean buddies and an Ohio drum

Germinate a soybean in a seed necklace

Observe a variety of beans, use a seed sorting map, and create a graph


Mystery Science is currently still a free website with teacher friendly resources!

Sign up for a free account to use one of the meany engaging science activities.



In this Mystery, K-5 students consider what would happen if their body didn't have bones. In an activity that combines science with art, they trace their hands and then add see-through bones to their picture, making their own skeleton hand. The activity includes an extension for older grades in which students compare their hand bones to the bones of a mystery animal.

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TURKEY TROT Spruce Run Open House

Saturday, Nov. 11th, 10am-2pm

4175 Sunbury Road

Galena, OH

Stop by the classroom and sign out a pair of binoculars. Then go on a walk to see if you can find any of our famous turkeys. Volunteers will be located in the house on the observation porch to help you locate other birds that live at Spruce Run. They will also discuss the citizen science project we will be involved in called: Feederwatch.

The "TURKEY TROT", a one mile fun run, will begin at noon.


Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 12am

United States of America

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