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When the president of Malawi, Peter Mutharki, slipped and fell during a tree planting ceremony, on January 22nd, it went viral. Supposedly, the president was standing on a "rotten" brick, that collapsed, and caused his fall. He noted that it was nothing to worry about. The people on social media thought that he had health problems, due that he missed some events. Others on social media thought that he was an embarrassment. According to the president, the situation was,"nothing to worry about." Gerald Viola, the presidential press secretary, said that the only reason why the president would be ill was because of the fall.
Who? The Malawian President, Peter Mutharki.

Where? This event occurs in Lilongwe, Malawi.

When? A picture of him falling was first posted on January 25th, but he fell on January 22nd.

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What makes this important? What makes this important is the fact that it is the president falling. By this I mean, he is a very important person in the country. Also, it is important about the way the social media reacted to the situation. Some people supported him, and saying that everybody falls, but then there were some people who made fun of his fall and noted it as an embarrassment. Others thought that he had issues with his health.

Who does this affect? The president, and the person he fell on.

How does it affect them? It affects the president because he will be judged, and it will place him in a very bad situation, and it affects him because he injured himself due to the fall. It affects the person because they might have gotten injured.


I think that this article has put the president in a very awful position in which people will judge him with very rude comments. I am also wondering how the person that he fell on is doing. I think it was not a very good idea for the president to be standing on a brick in the first place. I think that the people who commented on social media that his fall was an embarrassment, have fallen at some point in their life, so they shouldn't be judging him so rudely. I think that those people are being too judge mental, and they are overreacting about the situation.