Created By: Shaniyha Rushing & Daekwon Norman

Smoking & Plants

Reinforcers: Cigarette & Plant

Outcome: Wants the consumer to stop smoking and save trees.

Secondary Outcome: Consumers may be convinced to stop smoking do to the caption "filter your life" and also the plant coming out the cigarette.

Direct T.V. & Romo

Reinforcers: Direct T.V. & Tony Romo

Outcome: Wants the consumer to use direct t.v. due to the famous football player.

Secondary Outcome: Consumers watching this may be convinced to use direct t.v. because of Tony Romo advertising the ad.




  1. Learn: Women can be more independent and that you need NO MAN to complete you.
  2. Pros: Female independence and empowerment.
  3. Cons: More focused on women's independence (secondary) than the butterfinger (primary).
  4. Yes, because more women are doing things than they have in the past (voting rights, etc) and a woman can do the deeds of a man.