Stop Bullying!

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Verbal bullying

Verbal Bullying: Verbal bullying is when someone targets someone and says things to put them down. Some examples of verbal bullying include racist comments, name calling, insults, etc. Verbal bullying can affect someone emotionally and can affect their self image.

Physical bullying

Physical bullying: Physical bullying is when someone targets some and hurts them in a physical form. An example of physical bullying includes hitting, punching, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc. The effects of physical bullying include physical injuries, depression, anxiety, etc.

Social bullying

Social bullying: Social bullying is when someone is targeted in their social group. An example of this is rumor spreading, exclusion, nicknaming, etc.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying: Cyber bullying is when a target receives rude texts or rude messages from social media.43% of kids have been cyber bullied and 70% have reported it if they have seen it online. An example of cyber bullying is someone sending you a message that says I hate you on it.

Psychological bullying

Psychological bullying: Psychological bullying is any form of bullying that has to do with your mind and emotional state. This type of bullying is proven to lead to depression, anxiety and suicide.

The effects of bullying

Different types of bullying effect people in different ways, For example psychological bullying can effect your mental health and make your self esteem very low. This can lead to anxiety, depression and suicide. Physical bullying can lead to physical injuries such as bruises, cuts, etc. Cyber bullying, Social bullying and verbal bullying can also lead to low self esteem and can effect your mental health.

Strategies for copping with bullying

Some strategies you can use if you are a victim of bullying include ignoring the bully, telling an adult or finding someone you can trust to help you.

Resources that can help!

A few resources that can help include books, shows, websites, psychologists, school councilors, adults, etc.

A website that can help

We choose this website because there is good advice for each age group, it tells you what to do and how to deal with being bullied and it is aimed at the victim and the bully.