December Newsletter

Mrs. Pullen

Important Dates

December 16th- Sneaker Night (5 pm- 7 pm)

December 14th- Look for progress reports!

December 22nd- Winter celebration

December 23rd - January 2nd: Winter Break

Winter Celebration!

The students will be having a winter celebration on December 22nd. If you would like to donate any treats for the class, please remember that it must be bought from the store and have the nutritional labels on it.

Bud, Not Buddy

Our next novel is a heart-felt story revolving around an orphaned-boy who lived during the Great Depression. The students will follow along with Bud, the story's protagonist, as he searches for his family. While reading Bud, Not Buddy, the students read about the rules that he lives by and make connections to their own life.

Along with the novel, students read the 2006 Commencement Address given to Stanford University by Steve Jobs. While making connections between the two texts, students focus on higher-level thinking questions, figurative language, vocabulary and making real-life connections.

Friendly Reminders

The winter weather is definitely here! Please remind your child to wear a coat to school when they are on their way out the door in the morning. Some of the MOD classes go outside during their class time.

Box Tops-

If you obtain any box tops throughout the year, please send them into school. We have collected a lot so far!

Character in Action Trait

The character trait for December is generosity. Please encourage your child to show generosity at home and in their everyday lives!

In order to show generosity in a productive and helpful way, the students have set a goal of donating 10 food items that can be used towards the Snack Pack Program. I have explained to both of my classes that this is a goal, not a requirement.

Some items we discussed were Ramen noodles, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, Chef Boyardee, granola bars, soup and peanut butter and jelly.

The students watched the video below and discussed how both teams displayed generosity by letting Tyler score a touch down. I had the pleasure of attending this game and it was truly inspirational!

Tyler Muise - Down syndrome student runs 15 yards for a Touchdown!