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A Columbian Elementary Bulletin - 10.26.15

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week begins October 26. Students and staff are encouraged to show their support by participating each day:

Monday - "I have the power to be drug free" - wear your super hero shirts or Columbian "C" shirts with professional dress (no jeans)

Tuesday - "Don't get mixed up with drugs" - mismatched/mixed up clothes. Staff needs to change back into professional attire for the Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Wednesday - "I'm a jean-ius. I'm too smart for drugs." - you can wear jeans

Thursday - "Don't fall for drugs" - staff can dress up for the Fall Dress-up Parade but need to be in professional attire after the parties.

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Baked Potato Dinner - Conferences

PTO will be providing dinner for all staff on Tuesday, October 27 from 6:00-6:40 pm for the parent/teacher conferences. Baked potatoes, toppings, salad, and dessert will be served in the workroom. Make sure to say a big "thank you" to our PTO volunteers!

Major Saver Fundraiser

The Major Saver Fundraiser kicks off this week with the assembly on Wednesday, October 28 at 2 pm in the gym. Students will be selling Major Saver cards thru November 10th. A representative will come to each classroom to collect money and give out prizes each day.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, Oct. 26: Red Ribbon Week; Book Fair continues; wear your superhero shirt

Tuesday, Oct. 27: Boxtops pick-up; 4-8 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (dinner provided)

Wednesday, Oct. 28: 2 pm Major Saver Assembly; Mr. Shallenburger gone; wear jeans

Thursday, Oct. 29: 8:30-10 am Fall Dress-up Parade/Parties; Last day for Book Fair; 1 pm Early Dismissal; 2-6 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (snacks provided)

Friday, Oct. 30: No School

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Monday, November 2 - PD Schedule

7:30-8 am Building Level Meetings

7:30-11:30 am Food Service training for all Food Service personnel

8:45-10:15 am Grade level/Department meetings

10:25 -12 pm Vertical Team meetings

12 - 1 pm Lunch on your own

1-3:15 pm ALEKS - grades 3-6 @ Steadley's gym; PLTW; & eMINTS

Don't Forget!

- Parent/Teacher Conferences this week

- Remind students of early out on Thursday plus no school on Friday

- Halloween parade/parties on Thursday

- Major Saver fundraiser begins this week

Looking Ahead

Monday, Nov. 2: No School - Teacher In-Service Day

Thursday, Nov. 5: 6 pm Kindergarten Program

Friday, Nov. 6: 10:45 am PTO Meeting; 1:30 pm ROAR Assembly

Tuesday, Nov. 10: 8:30 am Veteran's Day Assembly

Thursday, Nov. 12: 1:30 pm Intruder Drill

Friday, Nov. 13: 8:30 4th grade Fire Safety (gym)


October - 2nd Robyn Acker, 4th Lucretia Rowe, 15th Dale Smith, 20th Erin Roelfsema & Alicia Hunt, 25th Jeanette Lage, 26th DeGee Brown