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Stoneleigh Stallions Weekly Staff News 9-22-2014

Security - This is NOT an option

It is understandable that circumstances may arise throughout the year when a family member(s) and/or friend(s) may have cause to visit staff during the day, however, under NO circumstances are people to enter the building through any door except those of the front no matter what time. It is in direct violation of every BCPS security measure to have any visitor anywhere in the building who has not been properly scanned into the Raptor system or viewed on the security cameras. NO adult may be anywhere near students who has not been properly trained as a volunteer. PLEASE make sure that any and all visitors are aware of these BCPS policies to avoid placing you in a position where formal reprimand is required.

Informal Observation Feedback


  • Use of Universal Design for Learning techniques to enhance lesson presentation and address the various types of learners within each classroom. Examples include: when a curriculum worksheet was visually overwhelming one teacher drew a vertical line separating task 1 from task 2 and then a horizontal line separating tasks 1 and 2 from task 3. These simple lines turned a visual mess into a manageable task; providing verbal directions to go along with written directions and vice versa.

  • Not every student is elegant with putting their thinking into words for oral discussion or written explanation. By providing "prompts" students are: given language/vocabulary they may not have, provided with starters to "jump start" their brains into action, given a template that meets the requirement for demonstrating mastery of the lesson's objective. An example, "When I am walking around I expect to hear what you are talking about. I expect to hear you say I have ___. I will trade it in for ___. You should be talking about how much money you have and why/how to trade the money.


  • Transitioning students to 21st century learners and the classrooms to learner centered environments means students need to be encouraged to get "dirty" with posed problems and teachers need to learn new pedagogy for scaffolding learning after initial attempts instead of before. Huh, you may be thinking. Have the “help” sheet prepared and the scaffolding techniques at the ready, but wait until a need is displayed and then provide it to those students who demonstrate need.

  • Yep, here it is again...Objectives are not clearly posted in every room. The print is often small and hard to see. Objectives are to be posted in the appropriate instructional area for the content using a font large enough that it can be seen from various locations within the classroom. The objective is to be shared with students so that they understand the vocabulary and learning that is to take place during the lesson, throughout the lesson, and as part of the lesson conclusion.

Focus on Domain II: Classroom Environment

When looking at your classroom ask yourself does the environment support how students learn? If not, or things could be fine-tuned go ahead and make changes because nothing is nailed down! Identify the large group area, the small group area, quiet areas, and independent work areas. Students need to talk to each other in order to process large amounts of written language. Comprehension is enhanced through talking and writing.

Don't Forget - Attention Required: Homeroom Representative for Student Council Needed

This year Mary Gardill and Norma Leaf will be starting a partial Student Council minus the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Each homeroom from kindergarten through fifth grade are to elect 1 representative and 1 substitute in case of absence by the representative. The homeroom representatives will attend meetings throughout the school year in order to initiate, sustain, and complete several events from spirit days to service projects. More information will follow once homeroom representatives have been determined. Please send the name of your homeroom representative and substitute to Mary and Norma by Friday, September 26th.

Rosh Hashanah - School Closed

Thursday, Sep. 25th, 8:30am

BCPS and Stoneleigh Elementary

SLO Assistance

Friday, Oct. 3rd, 9am-3:30pm

Conference Room

Samantha Yuhanick from the Office of Organizational Development will be available in the conference room all day in order to assist and provide guidance in selecting appropriate grade level SLOs.