This Weeks News!

Happy Bully Prevention Week!

I hope everyone had a chance to look over the lessons and topics you received last week. This is one of the most important weeks in our school.

WE MUST STOP BULLYING AT AN EARLY AGE!!! (please check out the links below to help to enforce students to STAND UP!)

Chain Links

As a whole school, we will show that we stand up to bullying by linking together. Teachers and students are asked to take a blue strip of paper and write how to stand up to a bully. After you and your students have written your sentence on a blue strip, you will make a chain with the links. Please bring me the chain, by THURSDAY. I will link all the chains together and it will hang at the entrance of the school.

Friday Assembly

Where: Cafeteria

When: 1:00pm- 2nd and 3rd grade

2:00pm- Kinder and 1st grade


This week, we are going to focus on the word BOUNDARIES. Boundaries is another way to teach our students to be empowering, through GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY.


The student remains in the place where the acting out stopped. This could be any place in the continuum and is individualized to each student. The student is protected in this area until they can partner with the adult and be in partnership with the correct adult.

Try some of these questions:

"Until we can talk, where do you think you should be to stay out of trouble?"

"I'll be back to check on you. What should it look like/ sound like to be classroom ready?"

"Are we asking you to stay in the _____ (place) to make you mad or to help you?"

Upcoming Events

11/16-11/20: Bully Prevention Week

11/17: Lit. Night

11/20: 2nd Qtr. Progress Reports

11/20: Kevin Horner Assembly

11/24: Kinder field trip (Sea Life)

11/25-11/29: Thanksgiving Break!


Progress Reports

Send home Friday, Nov. 20


Make sure you are tracking your formative assessments, in your tracker and complete the SLO form, as a team. You will have different data, but you are all teaching on the same topic.

Teacher Aides

Work with your teacher aides. What do you need from them? They are there to help you! (make copies, work one on one, continuous classroom management, etc.)


(I wont be sending a newsletter next week)