By: Roban Worrick

Mexico After the Mexican American War

This map is of present day Mexico. Mexico original included the states New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and Texas. ( Type of Map: Resource)

Mexican Culture

Mexican Agriculture

Only 12% of Mexico's land can grow crops, though agriculture is still a key part in the Mexican economy. Slash-and-burn is a commonly used technique for farmers in Mexico. The slash-and-burn method is where you burn forests in order to clear land for planting. Also, from the high market demand for food in the U.S. has started farmers to grow cash crops, crops farmers grown mainly to sell for profit.


The climate zone in Mexico varies from tropical to dessert. There's very little seasonal changes, however January is the coldest month and May is the warmest. In Mexico they experience mild winters, hot summers, and rain usually occurs between June and October.


Mexico has a variety of landforms, from peninsulas, to mountain ranges, to volcanoes! One of the major mountain ranges in Mexico is the Sierra Madre. Mexico also has sea shores, plateaus, canyons, and rain forest like landforms. Four of the highest peaks are in Mexico as well.