We've come such a long way

From the signing of our Declaration of Independence to Obama being our first African American president, we have evolved and overcome so many obstacles that the United States has been hit with. We continue to thrive and hope for the best as we get closer and closer to our futures. We have seen and experienced trauma, hurt, loss, happiness, and many more emotions as a whole. Today, I am happy to say that I am PRIVILEGED to be living in such a fortunate country, because not many other countries are able to walk on side walks, drive when they're 15 and a half, earn a minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour, I would not be able to be living such a fortunate life.



When Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in September of 1862 by addressing the Emancipation Proclamation that all slaves will be free on January 1st, 1863, he made America 1 step closer to obtaining the equal rights that are for everyone. Our Declaration Of Independence stated that all men should be created equal. Abe did everything in his power to make that statement be true, and he did. Right then and there, we were privileged because many other countries still had slaves and slavery, but we got lucky. We, as nation, wanted to create a way to make a better place and environment for everyone, but not everyone excepted Lincoln's views. There was a large hate list for African Americans from the beginning of the United States time, but that did not stop Lincoln. He fought so hard with the help of followers to crate a better place for everyone, and as for being the 16th president, already having hate towards him, it was a big step for himself and his family. Sadly, he was assassinated 4 years into his first term by a man named John Wilkes Booth, but he sacrificed his life and the future of his country for becoming closer to everyone obtaining the privilege of freedom.

When Henry Ford created his assembly line on making the most affordable car out there during the 20's time era, it created leisure for families to get away from the big cities and take a drive. We were so fortunate and privileged to be able to have cars that were cheap and that everyone could have for their own pleasure. His creation helped evolve production companies of items that were a necessity thrive into big things. Today, we still use assembly lines and are privileged to own cars. Not everyone has the money to invest in a vehicle, but it is definitely a privilege to own one. Ford is still around today, providing the best deals to make our cities a better place. Obviously, they have competition with other dealers, but Ford can say they were the first car company to ever perfect the assembly line and still use Tom Ford's creations in present day. In our eyes, it is a blessing to see a car in the show room all put together, and not having to assemble it.

The day that Marriage Equality was passed, our whole nation was stoked and super supportive. Finally being able to conquer that, was a relief from not being able to feel equal or loved because of the gender people loved. It took a big step in our country to reach out to have something so blocked away, finally be accepted. We are privileged to love anyone we want. Some countries and religions forbid it to ever happen, but the United States made it happen. And yes, some states did not accept this new policy, but just about over 40 states committed to having these rights. This proves our privileges and how we can fight for what's right. We've done it in our past for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and protesting for the Vietnam War to end, and in the end, we were successful. The people involved in getting this bill top be passed, made history, proving our rights and our privileges to the world.


My idea for creating this project was to prove that America is privileged. Below, I have explained what each piece of the poster means and hope it is clear about how we are privileged. Not everyone is entitled to certain advantages, but us Americans are lucky. We are exposed to so many privileges that are right in front of us, it is almost as if we are handed them. In other countries, it is harder to fit in due to your social class or the job you have, but fortunately for us, we are entitled to be created equal and even though it took us a while to succeed in making sure everyone is equal, we are good now. We are privileged, and I hope you feel that way too.
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Teacher: Mrs. Sandoval

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