Biome project

On taigas. By: Cameron Swanzy

Biotic factors: pine trees,moose, and foxes.

Abiotic factors:rocks,wind,temperature.

How we effect the taiga: Humans hurt the taiga by drilling for oil and destrorying land for development. We can have the taigas by seting up protected areas and not cutting so many trees.

Five sentences: The taiga has lot of forest fires because of lighting so the taiga is in danger of forest fires. The soil is like the tundra with permafrost soil type. The taigas take up most of Canada and Russia and all of Sweden. it is home to many animals like otters,moose,elk,brown bears,and wolves. The winters take up most of the year and when summer comes it is wet and rainy bring in around 33 inches of rain. It is also home to many humans.

Interesting fact: most animals in the taigas are able to change the color based on the season in the taiga.