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Mrs. Jefferson

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February 18, 2016

Literacy & Social Studies

Here's how we're living our lives as readers, writers, and historians this week:

Literacy & U.S. History

  • Using evidence from texts to write constructed responses to prompts
  • Having book club conversations around novels that take place during the Great Depression
  • Investigating the causes and effects of Great Depression

Book Clubs

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Poetry Inspired by Mr. Langston Hughes...

"I Too Have Feelings" by Kenneth J.

When threatened, I become tough

To hide the fear I may have.

I laugh to show I’m not afraid,

Sometimes I’m quiet but mostly I’m


I too have Feelings, that I may not show.

So when I feel sad, my sense of humor

helps me cope.

I show respect to others and I expect others to respect me.

Yes, I too have feelings, that I may not show.

Mentor Text: "I, Too" by Langston Hughes

"Sister To Sister" By: Hope T.

Sister, Life won’t always be easy, simple,

and fun. You will have

to face troubles and confusing

problems. You will still have good times,

but also bad.

Sometimes those

problems sting like a bee, or are as

simple as smelling a flower. Sometimes

sweet, sometimes sour. It's you who has

the power of how strong your situations are.

So just remember, these useful words, my little

sis, because these may help you dodge problems

you can’t miss. Sure these words might come in

handy, but you will still have problems, Sometimes

simple, sometimes sandy.

So sister, keep your head high, for one day

you can tell those problems goodbye.

Mentor Text: "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

"From a Father to a Daughter" By: Lorena G.

My Father always told me that things weren’t easy for him as a child.

He always wanted the best for my family by giving us the things that he never had.

My Father also says that things will get tough, but always give it 150%.

He always told me to hold my head up high and go for it no matter the challenges I will face.

Before our discussion ended, My father said, “Believe you can succeed in every way possible because there will be hard times but you go out and do it.”

Everything my father has told me I will cherish forever.

I will use these words to guide me into the future and as he said Succeed.

Mentor Text: "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes


Try to be the most positive person you can be,

Sometimes problems can be as big as a deep blue sea,

Follow my lead and see how good being positive can be,

Sometimes problems can be hard to face,

but if you keep your head up high you will when the race.

Mentor Text: "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

Making Connections: Soil Conservation & The Dust Bowl

On Tuesday, Chanda Cooper of the Richland County Soil Conservation visited with us. She covered the history and science of how the Richland County Soil Conservation started as a result of the Dust Bowl. Afterwards, we participated in a soil modeling experience. Ask your child to tell you what your family can do to become soil conservationists around your homes.
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The Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center field experience was awesome! We would like to thank all chaperones for taking the day off to accompany us. Our trip would not have been successful without you!
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Upcoming Classroom and School Events:

2/24 - Interims

3/1 - Great Depression Test (tentative)

3/3 - Early Release Day

3/4 - Book Review and February Goal Sheet due

3/4 - Princess Ball

3/7 - PTO Meeting, 6PM

Have a Wonderful Weekend!