Letters to the Editor


Dear editor, April 19 1920

In concerns to the column you wrote about the 18th Amendment. I completely agree with you. The 18th amendment has only hurt us with it being enforced. We are starting to really see the effects on our society and it hasn't been pretty. Personally I have lost my Job as a bartender. I barely make it with the money I have been bringing in at the side jobs in town. I believe strongly that this amendment hasn't done anything stopping the consumption of alcohol. If anything it has made it worse. Also the crime rate has risen and the courts have become overwhelmed in town.

Thank you for your time,

Johnathan Mellott


Dear editor, April 19 1920

Wow, I couldn't agree anymore with you. I feel that Gatsby is nothing but lies. I have heard and confirmed from many sources that he does not have a well to do family out west. However, he has a dirt poor family that barely made it day to day when he was a kid. I also heard that he was cheated out of a large some of money in his early years. He was definitely part of some big scandals. I know for a fact that he was part of the rigid 1919 world series. He admitted it to one of my really good friends, who then in turn told me. He was paid lots and is till being paid lots of money to keep his mouth shut about it. Well I just wanted to tank you for putting your story out to the public.

Thank you,

Ralph Edwards