Ranger Apprentice

My Book Talk


       The plot of my book is this. Will is a Ranger. A spy for the kingdom of Arelun. He is called on a secret mission by his old master, Halt. He is called to find out about a sorcerer. Will will go as a jongleur a clown pretty much. He brings a mandola because as a jongleur he must entertain them to get close to them. he wants to get close to them to get all the storys of the sorcerer .the master at castle Macindaw, had fallen sick from some strangely epitomic illness. Rumors had spread that a sorcerer was responsible for the illness and they wanted Will to investigate what was happening. Read the book to find out what happens on his jounrney.


The setting in Rangers apprentice is in arelum. The kingdom he lives in is a vast area of diffrent weather. Will is a young man. He is an intresting person an geniud kind of. He comes up with stuff no one would even think to do. Horace a hard headed young knight is a long time friend of will. He has no patience. He is a renound knight for making a whole training session for the whole kingdom. In this story thety never ever give up. When he is knocked down he gets back up.


I think this is a great book and an amazing series. Anyone who likes the huger games series and the maze runner series then youll love this. I would definitly recommend this book to anyone. So if you are i ntrested then please read this book its awesome.