Students Services

Were here to make you feel comfortable


The library is the place where you can go check out books and do some unfinished homework and have time to hang and the teachers in the library will help you find a book if you can not find one you like.

Always Have a Pass Before Going To The Guidance Office

Guidance Department you can go in there to get help by the nurse and the consular but if there not their you can always talk to the secretary in the front desk which is Ms. Frazier she is just like a back up consular but you have to have a pass so that who ever is in there no matter who your going to.

Guidance Department

The Main Office


Ms.Baldwin she works in the main office she is the one that works in the desk when you enter the main office she calls you up when someone comes to pic you up or she is there to give out papers when you want to sign up for something or so but she is always there.

Lunch Room

The lunch room is where you eat and hang with the people on your team and talk.
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