5.01 Foods Project

By : Gavyn Sciortino


Media - Media affects people because it shows adds on TV to people of what food you should eat Subway, you can get fresh vegetables with your sub.

Economics - Economics influence what people it because you're going to like what you grew up eating and possibly what your friends eat.

Environmental - There are good and bad food that people do to make the environment bad. Good examples: Fruits & vegetables. Bad examples: Chocolate & pizza.

Technological - Technology affects people because 'fast food' became possibly only because of technology.


Physiological - Physiological influences how we eat keeping up our body temperature, appetite, and how sleepy we are.

Psychological - Psychological influences how we eat food because you can be bored and just eat for no reason or you could be sad/depressed and eat as much as you can.

Personal (likes and dislikes) - Everyone has likes and dislikes of their own food, you can't force yourself to like or dislike something. I like nearly everything except spicy foods.

Culture and Customs - Different cultures like different foods, some cultures try similar foods as others. I have no culture and just eat what I want.

Traditions - Different families have different traditions. I have no tradition so I get what I want and eat it.


Dietary Guidelines for Americans - The guideline is to help americans eat healthier and not be obese. United States is currently obese and they want us to eat fruits and vegetables and exercise to get out of the obesity.

Weight Management - Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat and fat-free dairy, and protein foods. All of them with little to no added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium.

Physical Activity Needs - 16 year old should get 60+ minutes of activity per day and most of it should me moderate to high aerobic physical activity.

"My Plate" compared to "Food Pyramid" - "My plate" is better because its updated more and has more information. It also helps people with diets which helps their life a lot more than other people think.

Nutritional Labels on Packages - Check serving size, calories, limit bad nutrients (total fat, cholesterol, and sodium), add good nutrients (protein, Vitamin A & C, calcium, and iron).

Foods Group to Encourage for Specific Populations (over 50 pregnant woman, children, and teens) - Pregnant woman, children, and teens should all exercise a few times a day and eat healthy foods to keep themselves healthy, and the pregnant woman's kids.