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Friday, February 1, 2019


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ We spent most of our week working with triangles. The kids learned that triangles can be classified by their side lengths and their angle measures. Now they can add scalene, isosceles, and equilateral to the ever growing geometry vocabulary list! The Polar Vortex interrupted the plan. It looks like we’ll finish up the Module 4 lessons by Wednesday, review Thursday, and then assess Friday.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We began the geometry module this week. This module is full of new vocabulary for the children. They have already learned a few - point, line segment, line, and ray. Next week we learn angle, vertex, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines and parallel lines. See how many of those words your child can tell you about! After that we will learn how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles.


Social Studies ~ We were able to finish up our study of the Dutch. I hope that your child can tell you that the Dutch were motivated by wealth and they did have a lasting impact on our culture. We can thank them for doughnuts, pancakes, the tradition of Santa Claus, hanging stockings, and ice skating. We didn't make it to the English taking over yet.....that's up for the coming week.

PAWS ~ #9 is due Monday. The lion share of the class has brought home all the parts of their work to show you and then get an adult signature on the final copy.

Small Groups ~ The kids are really enjoying getting to know the main characters of the books!

Read Aloud ~ We are making our way through The Underneath. I read some really sad parts today. I reassured the kids that karma does come back for Gar Face, the evil character. I know it's pushing it, but I would love to finish the book before February break.

Picture Book Friday ~ Finn read us a sweet book called Delivery Bear. The kids were able to come up with a few appropriate themes like don't judge a book by it's cover, never give up, and be true to you. We need a boy to read next Friday!!!

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Reading ROCKS!

A special thank you to all the families who supported our day! Mr. Patrowicz came into our classroom today as a guest reader. He shared some really cool things with us. Iceland is the place that he spends 1/3 of the year as he works with scientists on super computers! He shared his love of reading and his knowledge of the Icelandic language. I think the kids enjoyed hearing a story in a different language!
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Students will need to be prepared with instruments on Wednesday for lessons and ensembles.

Fitness Fun Week

As part of Fitness Fun Week, our class will be ice skating on February 13th and February 15th at the Civic Center from 11:20-12:40. A permission slip with more information will be coming home on Monday. I know the PE teachers will be looking for parents are willing to help out!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and most 4th graders really love it! Between now and that Thursday, please have kids work on decorating a container to hold their valentines. Michael's boxes are on sale now for $1.50. I also spotted some at Target. However, a good old fashioned shoe box will do the trick too! Kids should plan to bring in their box no earlier than Monday, February 11th. The class list came home this week for those interested in making cards.

Thank you so much for signing up to contribute to the ice cream party. We are already all set! To those parents who are contributing ice cream, feel free to send it in during the upcoming week so we can secure freezer space.