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Gmail Transition Update

issue #25 / 05-28-2015

The district has been using Gmail for a few weeks now. As we have traveled around the schools and offices we have been accumulating lots of tips and tricks that we'd like to share.

Please take a few minutes to review the How Do I section for answers to the most commonly asked questions. There are also four short video clips (1-1.5 minutes) showing some great How To's !

Also make sure to read the Important Information section for information and updates that you do not want to miss.

After reviewing the below list, if you still have some questions or need assistance please call us at X6321 or drop us an email. We are in room 105 at the admin building.

How Do I ...... Common Gmail Questions

Below is a list of the most common Gmail questions that we have fielded through the transition....take a look you may find the answers that you have been looking for !

Turn Conversation View Off ? ( Gmail groups all email replies with the original message, creating a single conversation or thread rather than showing newest incoming mail on the top of your inbox).

See Pages 4-5 of the Gmail Users Guide here

Add email to my Smartphone ? Watch this quick how-to video here for your iPhone or click here for Android directions .

Add a Preview Pane to my email view ? See Page 3 of the Gmail Users Guide here

Create a Contact Group ? Watch this quick how-to video here

Send an email to Spam ? See Page 12 of the Gmail users Guide here

Find my contacts ? Click on the arrow next to the word Mail on the left hand side of your screen. Select Contacts.

Have my email signature show on replies ? Gmail will 'trim' email signatures on reply emails. To prevent this do the following : From the gear icon (top right hand side), choose settings , scroll to signature section and check the box (below the signature area) 'Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it'.

Mark an email as Important when sending ? Gmail does not have a High Importance Marker, the workaround that we have been using is to add the word **URGENT** or **HIGH IMPORTANCE ** to the subject of the outgoing message.

What is the difference between deleting an email and archiving an email ?

See Page 9 of the Gmail users Guide here

Important Information

See below for some important updates !

Please Log Out !!!

If you are using a shared computer (eg...library, faculty lounge, shared classrooms) please make sure to sign onto the computer as yourself and also to log out when you are done. Gmail will NOT automatically sign you out and if you do not log off of the computer your Gmail will stay logged in and accessible to whoever comes up to that computer !

Changes in Google Docs Sharing for students

There have been some changes in the way students can share documents - they can no longer share documents with anyone outside of the Cheltenham domain. If they do need to share a document outside the district they can pass ownership to the teacher. Teachers can still share outside of the Cheltenham domain. Click here for further information.

Canon Scanning Tip

Follow the instructions here, to include a subject and file name on your scanned documents.

Video Tutorials

How to Create a Gmail Shortcut on your Windows Desktop

Gmail Shortcut

How To Change Your Inbox Order

Gmail Inbox Order

How To Use Gmail Search And Filter Tools

Gmail Search And Filter

How To Email A Document From Within Google Docs

.... although you can no longer email a document from Word with gmail, this is a good work around !
How to email a doc from within Google Docs

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