How it feels to be a soccer player!


In 1525 the first soccer clear was made by Cornelius Johnson, King Henry VIII's personal shoe maker. They cost 4 shillings or $100 in today's money. They were ankle high, were made of strong lether, and were hevier than the normal shoes at that time.

In the 1800's soccer was played by viligers. They wore work boots that hade steal toes. And to give them more grip the would hammer metal tacks or studs in the bottum of there shoes. In the 1800's the first organized soccer game was played with everyone warning the same shoes.

In the 1940's and the 1960's, after World War Two air travel got cheaper so more international games could be made. So they made the cleats more flexible and lighter.

In the 1970's they were made on synthetic and lether which made them lighter. And they improved disign so that you get more traction. From the 1980's and on cleat kept getting lighter and the desighs got better.

A day in the life of a soccer player.

You practice almost every day and when you are not practicing you are ether watching ore playing it. On game day it is all different, you have fans cheering your name. You are scoring goals blocking goals.

How this connects to my passion

This connects to my patio because I played soccer from when I was 5 to when I was 11. Now I don't play but I still like the game. My brother plays it to. So I cind of have to.