Help The Sumatran Tiger

By: Anthony Molten


The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest species of tiger.

The average weight of the Sumatran tiger is about 200 pounds.

The Sumatran Tiger is a carnivorous animal and usually hunts larger animals such as cattle, wild boar, and deer.

The Sumatran tiger is only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Reason For Extinction

The Sumatran Tigers are on their way to extinction because of the way that humans are treating their habitat. The greed of humans is causing it. The desire to expand infrastructure is taking from the Sumatran Tiger's habitat.

If tigers go extinct than the ecosystem will be destroyed. Tiger bring the natural balance to a forest that is needed. Also from an economical standpoint if the Sumatran tigers go extinct then then the tourism industry will be hurt badly.