There are many specifics on why Canada is the greatest country in the world.These could come from the media, personalized opinions or even the government itself. Since facts are more valuable than opinions at some degree, these are four main attributes of Canada, which with great facts may or may not change your mind on whether Canada is the greatest country to live in.

Changing Populations

Canada's population has been growing ever since the great settlement of the west in between the 1900 and 1910. After this period in time, people still immigrated to Canada, but not in surges. Many people from across the world immigrate to Canada, because of its multicultural community. The amount of economic class immigrants have inclined during the past 5 years. Due to fact that there aren't any wars occurring at the moment, the amount of refugees arriving to Canada has decreased.

So, now you know what I mean when I say that Canada is a welcoming country.

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Interactions in the Physical Environment

Canada's full of different land form regions that affect the habitants differently. Canada's seven land form regions are the Interior Plains, Western Cordillera, Canadian Shield, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Appalachian Mountains, Hudson Bay Lowlands, and the Innuitian Mountains. Each region has a different climate, geological landscape and vegetation. Without a doubt, all of these regions have certain unique characteristics about them. For example, the Interior Plain's ever ending landscape could never outweigh the adventurous geology of the Canadian Shield. At the same time the Canadian Shield could never beat the interior plain's sky scenery, because of its constant clear, blue everlasting view.

Land form regions closer the equator such as the Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Appalachian Mountains, St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Canadian shield all have southern parts of the region which have enough fertile soil to grow crops. Due to these unique regions, Canada might have one of the best physical environments in the whole world.

Canada's Resources and Industries

In Canada there are five main primary industries that really make a big difference in our economy. The agricultural industry, fishing industry, energy industry, mining industry, and the oil and gas industry all perform tasks in various places across Canada, in order for each and every Canadian family to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A general example, would that without the energy industry, our main necessities would not be available to us. The refrigerator, stove, heater etc. will not work. These reasons show how important Canada's resources and industries are to us humans, and how we should be grateful that Canada has all of the primary industries.
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Canada's Sustainable Communities

Since the starting of settlement, our communities have grown from hamlets to villages and finally to what we are now, cities. A good example of a village is Streetsville near East Credit. Streetsville is classified as a village because it has very few shops, but a lot of residential area. Canada has many villages, which is good because it brings communities together. This is because since the village isn't very big, people who are living there tend to have familiarized themselves with almost every habitant. As you might be able to tell already, in most ways becoming a city can be harmful for the environment. To prevent urban sprawl, we must come together as a community and so no to taking out parks. Fortunately in Canada, you will find a lot of wildlife in the north.


Now that you a slight idea about how Canada, other than its cold climate, maybe you've thought twice about whether or not Canada really is the greatest country to live in.