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It's amazing to think that we are halfway through the school year. With that being said, there is a lot more learning to do and fun to be had! We are sad to announce that our wonderful librarian Mrs. Landry is retiring on the last day before the February break. Mrs. Landry has been at Holy Family for 23 years and our librarian for the last 13 of those years. As a farewell party we invite all families out to our Family Literacy Night on February 8th, to celebrate Mrs. Landry’s love of reading and being able to encourage this in our students. We will miss Mrs. Landry deeply; however, we are happy for her to start her new journey in retirement.

February is a busy month. We will highlight some key things happening, but please look at the February calendar. This is always a busy month filled with fun activities for students, but also the time we show our appreciation for our staff. Staff appreciation week is February 13-17 and the theme this year is “Champions of Learning”. We encourage our families to reach out and express your appreciation for any staff that have been a “champion” for your child. Finally, the week of February 20-24 is a break from school. We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy time with your family. May God bless you this month and show you his love in many ways.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Combres & Mrs. Weber

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February: The Month of the Holy Family

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Saint of the Month

Our Saint this month will be Saint Josephine Bakhita. Her feast day is on February 8th. She is the Patron Saint of Sudan and Africa, and against human trafficking.
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Registration for Kindergarten for the fall is now open!

Kindergarten students must be 5 on or before December 31st, 2023. Please stop by the office anytime to pick up a registration form. Registration forms will be sent home with all current four year old Pre-K students in March. Registrations are also available on our school home page. If your family is moving and leaving the school, please provide the office with that information.

Registration Packages for Kindergarten to Grade 7 for Fall of 2023

New to Holy Family School? You will need to register for the 2023-2024 school year. Registration need only to be completed for all Kindergarten students and only necessary to be filled in for new students to our school from grades 1-7. For students already attending Holy Family School, you are automatically enrolled for the next school year. You therefore, do not need to fill in registration forms.



Please join us on February 8th for our Family Reading Night and a chance to say farewell to our beloved Mrs. Landry. We wish her all the best in her next chapter and thank her for all she has done for us.
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We ask that parents use the street to park their vehicles. Parking lots are for staff only. This is a safety concern and therefore we ask that parents do not park in the parking lots designated for the staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is February 12-18. This is a perfect opportunity to send a note of thanks or discuss with your children, the importance of having caring teachers and staff who truly care about your children and the education they receive.
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Congratulations to all of our students who have enrolled into their sacramental preparation program! We pray that as you journey in your faith you will grow in your relationship with your community and with God.

School Lunches

Just a friendly reminder to please ensure your child has healthy options in their lunch. Please refrain from packing pop and energy drinks as these should not be consumed on regular school days. Please remember that Holy Family School is a nut alert school. We also have students with allergies to shellfish. Please do not send food that contain NUTS or FISH. Thank you.

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The SCC has Dominoes Pizza Books for sale at the school for $20. Please contact the office to arrange pick up and payment.

We also have Co-op cards available for purchase in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. These are great for gifts, daily shopping needs, filling the gas tank weekly, doing household renovations, building projects etc. Thank you for your support!

Academic Committee

Hello little geniuses,

This month we will be celebrating World Read Aloud day so spend time reading with loved ones today. Our classes will also be pairing up to read with one another.

Also, on February 10th we will be having a winter festival to celebrate a long standing winter carnival that happens in Quebec every year. Classes will get to use snowshoes (kindly donated by the Battlefords Wildlife Federation), sleds, build snow sculptures and learn about some eastern Canadian traditions. There have been many activities provided, such as creating a winter prayer, so teachers can include this event in their classroom instruction.

We will also be doing some more fun student surveys around Valentine's Day on the topic of things we LOVE and displaying them using circle graphs this time. Students will also be spreading the love by making bookmarks for students in other classes.

Just a heads up, that we will be having a Dr.Seuss day on March 2nd (the birthday of author Theodor Seuss Geisel). Start thinking about a costume you can wear for that day.

Have a great month everyone and keep on striving to learn something new everyday!!

Important Dates

Feb.8- Family Reading Night

Feb. 10- Winter Festival

Feb. 11-International Language Day in Saskatchewan

Feb. 13- 17- Staff Appreciation

Feb. 14- Valentine's Day- wear red, pink and white and Gr. 5-7 Ski Day

Feb. 15- Early Dismissal 1:50 and Pink Shirt Day

Feb. 16- Mass 1:00

Feb. 17- Hounds Day, Gr. 7 Treat Sale and Mrs. Landry Retires today!

Feb. 20- Stat Holiday- No Classes

Feb. 21-24- February Break

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Story Telling Month - February 2023

Holy Family School Day

8:50 – Entrance bell

8:55—School Day Begins (arriving at 9:00 means your child is late, please be on time!)

11:45-12:05 – Lunch/Recess

12:10-12:30 –Lunch/Recess

3:20 - Dismissal walking home

3:25- Picked up

3:30-bus students


Please make sure your child is aware of the after school plans before they come to school each day. If there is a change in the normal routine, please take a moment and message the teacher or the office on Edsby.

Morning Arrival

Parents are asked to NOT send your child to school before 8:30am. We want your children to be safe and there are no teachers on supervision until 8:30. All students may arrive then to play until the entrance bell at 8:50. All students, including kindergarten students, should be outside playing while waiting for the bell to ring. Students should line up at their own doors once the bells ring. We ask that students enter and exit the school through their own doors to keep tight cohorts and minimize exposure to other people and areas within the school.


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Pink Shirt Day

This year, Pink Shirt Day, or Anti-Bullying Day, is on February 15.

It is a day when people come together by wearing pink shirts to school or work to show they are against bullying.

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School Fees

We would like to remind parents who have not yet paid for student fees that they can be paid at the office in one lump sum or payments can be set up monthly. We thank all those parents who have already paid these fees. The fees cover all the school supplies that students need throughout the year.

Fees are as follows:

K-gr.2= $30.00

Gr.3-6= $35.00

Gr. 7= $40.00

We will be reaching out to families with outstanding fees in the near future. Fees can be paid on line at School Cash Online. You can find the link on our school's homepage.

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Edsby continues to be the primary forum of communication between the school and home. If you are new to our school and have not yet signed on to Edsby please call the school to find out how to do so. Through Edsby you can communicate with the teachers, the office and even enter your children's attendance.
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