Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

By: Malka Drucker and Michael Halperin

Main Characters

The Main Characters in my book are Jacob Gutleg, Alex Roslan, and Mela Roslan. Jacob is a Jewish boy who is living with a Poand family. To hide him from the Nazi soldiers the Roslan's say he is the nephew named Genyek. Alex is the father in the Roslan family. He is married to Mela Roslan. Alex wanted to take Jacob into their household to save him but Mela was against it.


This story occurs in the 1940's when Hitler is the dictator of Germany during WWII. This is in the time period of the Holocaust when Hitler captures and kills all Jewish people. This story is about a Jewish boy and his family who get put into a ghetto. The Roslan's decide to take Jacob in and sacrifice everything to save him. He stars to bond with th Roslan's children, Yurek and Marishka. The Family decides to take in Orish who is Jacob's little brother. He ends up dieing from scarlet fever. Jacob gets scarlet fever and needs an expensive operation to fix it so Alex gives up there house and moves to a much smaller house. Soon after, they find Jacob's other brother David and take him in their hosehold too. One day Yurek goes outside to tell his Father something and a Solier shoots hime and he dies. The family decide that they need to move to a safer place. They set off to go live with Mela's brother. The Boys, Jacob and David, get separated from The Roslan's (they move to New York). Before they are set on a train Alex promise they woud all be together again one day.

Connections to Righteous Among Nations Award

Connection 1: The Roslan Family were wealthy with anything they wanted. They decided to risk being caught with a Jew in their household by taking Jacob in their Household. Not only did they take in Jacob but they took in Jacob's other two brothers.

Connection 2: Jacob got sick with scarlet fever. The Rosan's could have let him die but they snuck him into a hospital to get checked out. Jacob needed an operation to be healed. The Roslans sold their current house to get more money for the operation to save Jacob.

Connection 3: Having a Jew in your household was illegal and could get you killed. Everytime S.S. officers came in asking for a Jew they would lie and say they didnt have one which could ge them in even more trouble

Quotes from the book

"Hide. Immediately. Trust. Money. Gestapo."

This was a quote that his aunt told him before he left to ghetto from her. These things are words she wanted him to remember from her.

"But this was a promise from Alex."

This quote shows that Jacob trusts Alex and knows he will do whatever he can to keep his promise.


reflection of book by nwhitt2

By: Nina Whittaker