Staying Healthy during Flu season

By: Melleah

What is the flu?

First of all, what is the flu?

The flu is something you can catch from somebody else or by not staying healthy. For example, you may feel a little sick, or even have a really bad fever. You may have to flu coming on. There are many ways to catch the flu and its VERY contagious. So make sure if you have the flu, stay home so that you don't spread germs.

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How do you prevent it?

The flu is not an easy sickness to catch. Its a virus so if you catch the flu you're going to have to make it run its course. The first way to stop the flu is to get your flu shot. you should get your flu shot at the end of summer every year. The flu vaccine s filled with dead or weakened germs from the virus. this will help your body get used to the flu virus so that you don't catch itkouhglkgi;huotgokl
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