May, Mothers and Museums

Who is a Mother? What is a Mother? What is Mother's Day?

How is May Significant?

“May” is one of the months that begins with M. During the month, many activities and recognitions are prevalent. Nurses’ Week, Foster Care Week, Free Comic Book Day, National Teachers’ Day, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day are just a few. May demonstrates the beauty of the month by many of its activities. It accentuates the beauty of flowers that bloom so melodiously in sync with spring. Their fragrance gives the earth a beautiful aroma. Most of all, May celebrates Mother's Day, a refreshing and enlightening day of recognition of Ladies of Distinction. According to Webster's Dictionary and Google, a mother is a noun; a woman related to her child or children. A mother is a verb, a woman bringing up a child with care and attention, giving birth as (mothered) a child. A mother is the female parent of a child. Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may not be their biological offspring. (Wikipedia).

The origin of Mother's Day is attributed to different individuals: Juliet Ward Howe, 1870; Anna Jarvis 1907; Juliet Calhoun Blakely of Michigan, late 1800's, and President Woodrow Wilson (Father of Mother's Day), who signed a PROCLAMATION May 9, 1914. Each view on celebrating Mother's Day was basically emphasizing mothers and mother figures' children's lives, birth, surrogate, or adoption.

A mother, female, may not always be the standard or norm, as men have also served as a mother and father to their children.

Godly Mothers are visionary, courageous, and bold. They recognize their role, see their tasks, fill their responsibilities and conquer them brave and bold. Think of the mothers you look up to, The ones who have encouraged you to love God and others. The ones who show compassion, courage, kindness, love, and understanding in good times and times of turmoil and the mothers who inspire you to become who God made you be. What have you learned from them? How have they helped you be a strong, sharing, unselfish woman of faith? Think of Mother, Mama, Mom, or however you address or addressed your Mom. Her ability to fight her battles with God challenged you to serve God and depend on His power for your help.


A true mother is strong, wise, bold, and not fearful because she holds to God's unchanging hands and leans on His everlasting arms.

Mrs. Bettye Garvin Canada, Retired Educator

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