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November 5, 2022

*Newsletters will be sent out twice a month*

Important Dates

November 6: Daylight Savings

November 9-10: Mobile Dentist

November 11: No School (Veterans Day)

November 17: PTO meeting at 5:00pm

November 22: Two Hour Early Dismissal

November 23-25: No School

Asbury Moments

Leaders of the Month for October!

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These students were all nominated by their teachers for showing the Asbury Virtues of kindness, honesty, responsibility, respect and self-control. Many also showed our Learner Qualities of perseverance, collaboration and responsible risk-taking. We are so proud of our Asbury leaders!

Penny Wars start on Monday!

Asbury will be collecting money for Toys for Tots! Students may bring in coins (it doesn't have to be pennies!) to add to their classroom collection. The classroom that brings in the most money, will win a classroom treat! If coins aren't your thing, we will gladly accept dollars!
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SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Topic of the Month:

Growth Mindset

Did you know that students talk about the monthly Social/Emotional Learning topic each day in their classroom Morning Meetings? For the month of November, we are talking about GROWTH MINDSET! Each week, we focus on a different aspect of the monthly topic. Our counselor even correlates her monthly classroom lesson to the same topic! We would love for you to become part of the conversation with your kids!

Week 1: What is Growth Mindset? (Fixed vs Growth Mindset; Building new thought patterns; the power of YET)

Week 2: Self-talk, perseverance & famous failures

Week 3: Responsible Risk-Taking

Week 4: Gratitude

Here are some great ideas on how to make home connections:

  • Help your child come up with a personal mantra to say every day! (For instance: I am smart. I am kind. I can do difficult things.)
  • If you hear your child say 'I can't do this!', have them add 'YET' to the end of that sentence!
  • Practice gratitude! Share one thing each day that you are thankful for.

Congratulations to our Great Pumpkin Run Winners!

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Lunch Accounts

Please remember that students are charged for lunches (not breakfasts). The cost of a lunch is $2.65 (unless your family has applied for and qualifies for free or reduced pricing). Students will be permitted to charge up to 5 times. On the 6th charge, students will have to take a cheese sandwich option. To find the lunch application, as well as the online payment system, please visit Information on lunch charge guidelines can be found here.

Bus 8 shows off their costume fun!

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Moments from our costume parade!

Other Asbury Reminders....

Dress for the weather! Students will be outside unless the temperature/windchill drops below 25 degrees!


In the event of a student absence, it is important that the office is notified. Even if you report an absence to your child's teacher, a phone call must still be made to our attendance office at 614-833-2000. If our office does not receive a phone call, an attendance call will be sent out by 10:00 am notifying you of your child's absence. Students who arrive after 9:15 am will be marked as 'tardy'. Information regarding absence hours can be found here.

Bus Safety Guidelines

All this week we will be talking about how to be safe and responsible on the bus! Here are some general reminders to talk to your child(ren) about.

  • Find a seat quickly and stay seated for the entire ride (do not switch seats).
  • Keep the aisle clear of feet, hands, bags (the driver needs to see out the back window).
  • Keep hands inside the bus window. Do not throw anything out the window.
  • No eating, drinking, or gum chewing on the bus.
  • Keep voices to a minimum. Yelling causes huge distractions to the driver.

It is important to note that students who cannot follow these expectations will have consequences that may result in a suspension from the bus.