Fall 2014 is here!

Let us share some news from the library.

New furniture on the first floor
New collaborative smart stations
More eBooks
Refined reference collection
Learning outcomes mapped for general education courses
New library catalog interface

What does it mean for you?

More information available to you anywhere anytime
Relevant library instruction for course objectives
Options for Information Literacy instruction
  • In the classroom
  • Embedded librarian in Angel
  • Online instruction using Blackboard Collaborate

What does it mean for your students?

More information available for students anywhere anytime
More student-centered user space in the library
Collaboration and presentation workstations

Contact your liaison librarian!

Business & Technology-----------Sara Duff
Health Sciences ---------------------Wei Cen
Language & Literature------------Connie Head
Mathematics--------------------------John Armstrong
Natural Sciences --------------------John Armstrong
Public Safety -------------------------Connie Head
Social Sciences ----------------------Wendy Dover
Visual & Performing Arts --------Sara Duff
Wellness--------------------------------Wei Cen