Consumption to Food

By:Cole Lucy

What Consumption to food is and why its a problem

Consumption to food is=its how much food we eat

Why its a problem=we eat to much and we never think about how much food we eat.

How Much money we waste in food per minute

We waste $156 billion in food as a whole country now in a year thats pretty sad as a single person we waste $529 per person per year.

The Child has barely any food below and we can spend all of that money on these children or we can just give our extra food to the food bank.

That child is probably thinking "what will I have for dinner tonight?".

The plate has just a pea on it.

How much the average person weighs

American weight to Brazilian weight which is heavier?

American Man=180 Ibs

American Women=156 Ibs

Brazilian Man weight=130 Ibs

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How much weight the average Man and Women gain in 50 years

Women=%18.5 Ib's

Men=%17.5 Ib's

We could be giving so much of this food that we don't eat to poverty childern

We waste 25% of the food we buy at the grocery store when we could be giving that 25% to the children who have poverty issues or we can just give it to the food bank we could change this world together.