Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

April 29

PBS Focus of the Week -

We have had a great start to our PBS Challenge! Teachers have done a great job practicing expectations and reinforcing with positive, while stopping to reteach when needed.

Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday - Hallway

Tuesday - Early Knights

Wednesday - Cafeteria

Thursday - Playground

Friday - Specials

Our Character Trait for the month is FORGIVENESS.

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Duties for the Week

Please see your schedule in the handbook for Charger Time duty.

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Calendar of Events:

Monday, May 2

*4th grade reading/writing celebration 8:00

*PBS Challenge Setting - Hallway

*School Culture mtg 3:45

Tuesday, May 3

*3rd Grade Math testing

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*PBS Challenge Setting - Early Knights

*5th grade plan time meeting 8:30

*Kindergarten plan time meeting 12:35

*Literacy Team mtg 3:45

Wednesday, May 4

*5th grade Science Testing

*PBS Challenge Setting - Cafeteria

*District admin meeting 9:00 - 11:00 (Sue at Dix Rd)

*Staff Appreciation Luncheon 11:00 - 1:30

*Staffing and IEP for DL 12:35 (Bray, Treat, Haugen, Frank)

*Problem Solving Team mtg 3:45

*5th grade orchestra performance at JCHS 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 5

*5th grade Science Testing

*PBS Challenge Setting - Playground

*4th grade plan time discussion 9:15

*1st grade plan time discussion 1:30

Friday, May 6

*PBS Challenge Setting - Specials

*IEP for IM SWECC 8:00 (Haugen, Steinman, Treat, Cummins)

*IEP for JR 2:15 (Sexton, Haugen, etc.)

Monday, May 9

*PBS Challenge Setting - Hallway

*IEP for LE- K 12:30 (Treat, Haugen, Connelly, Cummins, Steinman)

*PBS mtg 3:45

Tuesday, May 10

*PBS Challenge Setting - Cafeteria

*3rd grade plan time discussion 10:00

*Tech mtg - Lemons and Haugen 11:00

*2nd grade plan time discussion 2:15

Wednesday, May 11

*PBS Challenge Setting - Specials

*School Nurse Day

*JR4 IEP (Albers, Haugen, Treat) 9:10

*ZS - K IEP (Kloster, Haugen, Cummins) 12:35

*CW - K Staffing/Service plan 2:00 (Treat, Haugen)

*Staff meeting 3:45

Thursday, May 12

*PBS Challenge Setting - Playground

*3rd grade reading/writing celebration 8:15

*Elementary Principal's meeting (Sue at Central Office 8:00 - 11:00)

*LD - K IEP 3:30

Friday, May 13

*PBS Challenge Setting - Cafeteria

*Kindergarten reading/writing celebration 8:00

*Safety Patrol Picnic 11:30 - 2:00

*RG- K IEP 12:30

*CJ - 1 Staffing/IEP 1:30

Monday, May 16

*Sports Day

*Leadership Team mtg 3:45

Tuesday, May 17

*Grades 3-5 Awards Assembly 8:30

*Grades k-2 Awards Assembly 1:20

*PTO mtg 6:30

Wednesday, May 18

*5th grade promotion 9:30

Thursday, May 19

*Grade cards go home

*School dismissed at 12:15 for students

*Full day for staff

Nuts and Bolts

1. Sports/Field Day will be Monday, May 16th. More details will be coming your way.

2. Materials for completing class lists for next year have been distributed. Please turn this in by May 13th. I have already received 3 of the 5 that I need. THANK YOU!

3. Materials for portfolios were distributed to teams. Please complete the form provided and have students complete an "on demand" writing to their teacher for next year to let the teacher know about them - both will go into a file folder with the child's name on it. The writing will provide some insight into the child AND a nice writing sample as well. The portfolios will be turned in when you check out at the end of the year.

4. Summer School meeting on Monday, May 17th at 3:30 in the library. Chris Schmitz will be here to share information about schedules and answer questions.

Looking Forward

We will be looking for people who would be willing to help with organizing our books for our lending library. We will have resources and I am willing to buy lunch for those who are willing to come in and work. If we have a good sized crew, I think we can get things organized in a day or two - with extra work to take place after the new shelving has been placed.

If you are interested in helping to make this resource a useful and efficient tool, please let me know. We will work to find some work days that will fit with schedules when I have an idea of our helping hands. THANK YOU!!