Bee lieve Newsletter *Mary Kay*

Nykole Jackson * January 2015

Party Ideas

Needing fresh ideas for parties?! Look down below for a couple ideas to get you started. Make parties similar to a GIRLS DAY OR NIGHT OUT. You want your hostess to feel like she can invited her friends and family and have a TON OF FUN!


Do you miss those slumber parties from your younger days? Well, lets do it again! Guests will come in their PJ's and get their faces ready for bed! Any size group.

Bahama Mama

Do you love that look like you just came from the beach? I will share glamour techniques to accomplish our sun products while you soak your feet and enjoy a cool drink! Any size group.

Consultant STAR Tracking

  • Ashley Althiser *SAPPHIRE*
  • Krista Glaser *SAPPHIRE*
  • Jessica Polley *SAPPHIRE*

Senior Consultants

  • Michele Brummitt
  • Linda Cool
  • Elizabeth Lorduy
  • Megan McGann
  • Tara Sall
  • Michelle Spurgeon
  • Rachael Tuma
  • Cassandra Kurtz

Congrats on your order! (For December)

  • Sara Spencer~$79.43
  • Abbie Fox~$780.75
  • Beth Fischer~$1,214.49
  • Brittany Baldwin~$278.22
  • Colleen Keltner~$4,215.50
  • Emily Thorton~$512.78
  • Rebbecca Tharp~$298.44
  • Jaimie Smith~$24.51
  • Colleen Keltner~$295.37
  • Amber Marin~$283.62
  • Michele Brummitt~$402.73
  • Krista Glaser~$51.53
  • Angie Brekke~$548.23
  • Tara Sall~$53.57
  • Cara Jacobs~$280.30
  • Christine Bou Antoun~$270.31
  • Courtney Scoles~$15.73
  • Angela Lockwood Chism~$133.06
  • Megan Chandler~$190.76
  • Rachel Neuenschwander~$355.69
  • Ginger Kruiswyk~$53.42
  • Ashley Althiser~$44.03
  • Michelle Kreilling~$221.72
  • Jenna Douglas~$198.22
  • Jennifer Carruthers~$63.89
  • Linda Cool~$1,801.76
  • Judith Huser~$117.81
  • Ashley Panton~$264.74
  • Megan McGann~$124.87
  • Wendy German~$265.36
  • Elizabeth Lorduy~$282.95
  • Racheal Balteau~$36.84
  • Lindsay Schultz~$141.41
  • Mary Marshall~$116.46
  • Mariah Cormany~$116.73
  • Sonia Arida~$274.58
  • Brooklyn Dozier~$2,307.68
  • Megan Bidwell~$118.10
  • Kim Frank~$331.61
  • Lindsay Williams~$36.67
  • Michelle Spurgeon~$499.92
  • Deeana Zercher~$314.73
  • Racheal Balteau~$750.43
  • Cassandra Kurtz~$129.22
  • Kerry Walsh~$117.28

January Goals

  • 10 New Seniors
  • 5 New Reds
  • 3 on targets for CARS
  • $70,000 wholesale team production

Please contact me for more information on how to get us to our team GOAL. We can do this!

Friendly Reminders

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About Me

Nykole is a Senior Sales Director and currently driving the prestigious PINK cadillac, this her 4th free car with the company. She has earned all 4 in a year and a half timeline! She has the privilege of holding the number 3 position in the company court of recruiting for the ENTIRE emerald seminar. This was in her first full year as a director! She is so excited to represent the FIRST million dollar unit in the Jamie Cruse Vrinios national area this coming seminar year! She is also very excited for the success of our unit this past year and a half, and even more thrilled at what is to come--and what that means to each of you!

"It is an honor to lead each of you to your very own success and victory; from that red jacket or that $1,000 party to that first car. Whatever that success means to you and your family, I WANT to help you get there. Don't be afraid to reach up and connect to every opportunity available for you! So excited to have YOU be part of our future record breaking MILLION dollar unit!!!" -Nykole.

My Assistant Contact Information

Hi guys!

Brittany Jackson here. Ive been friends with Nykole for a few years now and helped out with her adorable kids! We are basically family :) I am expecting a little bundle of joy myself in June. God is good! Time to time, you will see my number come across to just update you on your orders and let you know promotions going on. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, contact me. I love helping in anyway I can! Looking forward to 2015 with all of you!

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