Upper Dublin in Review...

Legislative Meeting Briefs - March 2019

President's Welcome and Reports to the Board of School Directors

  • President's Welcome - Dr. Art Levinowitz called the meeting to order and spoke about our swimming program and the success of our girls' basketball team. Dr. Levinowitz also spoke positively about the SRMS students who recently competed in a technology competition at the MCIU.
  • Student Government Report - Daniel Caplan shared information about happenings at UDHS. Please click here to read Daniel's report.
  • Superintendent's Report - Dr. Yanni presented his monthly Superintendent's Report, which focused on the appointments of two District leaders, cyber charter school tuition rates, the District's new transportation software, and an acknowledgement of those who attended last week's Virtual Coffee Talk and the Sandy Run Middle School Town Hall Meeting.

Budget Presentation

  • Expenditures - Ms. Brenda Jones Bray, Chief Financial Officer, presented another overview of District expenditures as part of the 2019-2020 budget development process. Click here to view the entire presentation.

Community Input

The first community input period is limited to presentation and action items only. The following topics were discussed by meeting attendees during the first community input period:
  • PSERS - Expenses and revenues
  • Public input - Limitations on the first period of community input
  • Budget - Budget increases over 10 year period
  • Teachers' contract - Increases of over 3%

Education Committee (Curriculum, Technology, and Pupil Services) Recommendations

  • Curriculum - The Board reviewed the monthly enrollment report and then approved student activities, conferences, and an agreement for a summer program called Young Writers/Young Readers.
  • Technology - The Board approved a firewall and wireless proposal.
  • Pupil Services - The Board approved several agreements related to students' needs and professional development for pupil services staff. An agreement was also approved allowing a student from Italy to attend UDHS for the 2019-2020 school year.

Operations Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the disposal of excess, obsolete, and non-repairable equipment.
  • Air Conditioning at FWES, JTES, and TFES - The Board awarded the bid to install window air conditioning units at FWES, JTES, and TFES during the summer of 2019.
  • Window Installations - The Board also awarded an asbestos abatement bid for FWES.
  • Lead and Copper - The Board approved a lead and copper rule assistance project.
  • Sandy Run Middle School - Related to Sandy Run Middle School, the Board approved a contract with Advantage Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Services for a proposed retaining wall and a contract with McMahon Transportation Engineers related to work required due to construction.
  • Transportation - The Board approved the purchase of VersaTrans transportation software.

Finance Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved routines matters such as the review of the treasurer's report and payments of bills.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved a Chromebook lease for SY 2019-2020, the renewal of the District's lease at the current transportation facility, and two residential tax assessment appeal matters.

Personnel Committee Recommendations

  • New District Leaders - The Board approved the hiring of two administrators: Ashley Kitten (Director of Human Resources) and Andrew Lechman (Chief Financial Officer).
  • Routine Matters - The Board also approved the personnel report, inclusive of appointments, resignations, leaves of absences, curriculum support changes, and extra-curricular changes.

Policy Committee Recommendations

Policy and Administrative Regulations Approvals - The Board approved the following:
  • Admission of Kindergartners and Beginners (201) - Policy and Administrative Regulation
  • Sick Leave (334)
  • Family and Medical Leaves (335) - Policy and Administrative Regulation

Affirmation of First Readings - The Board affirmed a first reading of the following policies:

  • Independent Study (118)
  • Student Athletics (123)
  • Homework (130)
  • Freedom of Speech in Nonschool Settings (320)
  • Political Activities (321)
  • Gifts and Discounts (322)

In Other Business...

  • Resolutions - The Board approved two resolutions focused on changing the manner in which districts pay tuition to cyber charter schools.
  • Liaison Committee Reports - Board members provided reports on MCIU, Montgomery County Legislative Committee, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, Excellence and Equity, Educational Advisory Committee, Pennsylvania School Boards Association, PTA/PTO, Upper Dublin Township, and the Upper Dublin Education Foundation.
  • Solicitor's Report - Mr. Diasio commented on the success of the Monte Carlo Night. Mr. Diasio stated that the Board met in executive session to discuss personnel matters and litigation related to tax assessment appeals.

Community Input and Follow-Up Comments

The following topics were discussed by meeting attendees during the second community input period:
  • Transportation During Construction - Accommodating students' sports practices and games during construction
  • Construction Fees - Overruns based on the construction company's work
  • Google Predators - Dangers of online activities
  • Budget - Percentage increase of the budget for SY 2019-2020
  • Increased Revenue - Options for increasing revenue in addition to tax increases
  • Development - Adding 55+ housing in the Township
  • Taxes - Percentages and actual costs

Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings and District events are included on our calendar. Click here to view the District calendar.