Week 9 in First Grade

October 19 - October 23

Thanks you so much to those who were able to meet with us for conferences. Student success can be directly linked to a good home/school connection. We have high expectations for your children, and by working together we will achieve their individual goals!

The weather is turning cooler and jackets are coming to school in the mornings but they are left behind in the afternoons. Please be sure to label your child's jackets so they can be promptly returned when found in different locations throughout the campus.

Our assembly this Thursday is always a student/staff favorite. Parents are welcomed to join us to watch Dennis Lee and his puppets.

STEAM Challenge

Paper Roller Coaster - Dooley STEAM Challenge
Check out the video to see October's STEAM Challenge. First Grade intends to win! Each class will have teams create a track. The winning team from each first grade class will compete to represent first grade in the Dooley Finals. To help us with our engineering mission, we need supplies. If you can send any of the following to school it would be greatly appreciated:

Masking tape - We need SEVERAL rolls

Scotch Tape - We need SEVERAL rolls

Cardboard squares - 2' x 2'

Paper Towel Tubes

Toilet Paper Tubes

paper plates - non wax coated

Scrapbook Paper

Any random items made of paper that your child could utilize!

The kids are very excited to begin this project and we will be sharing our progress on Twitter and Bloomz!

Events this Week

  • Library Day (Burke) - To be rescheduled
  • Dennis Lee Assembly 1:30


  • Library Day (Boehm)


  • Library Day (Johnson)


  • Wear Dooley Spirit wear/Dooley Blue
  • Weekly Homework Due/Spelling Test

This Week in Literacy, students will be able to...

...restate main idea of a story heard or read.

...retell a story

...identify and use irregular plural nouns in reading, writing, and speaking

...properly write the Modern Manuscript letters: Cc

Spelling Pattern: r blends and s blends

Word Sort: r blends: br, gr, cr, dr, fr, tr, pr,

This week's Spelling City lists:

Spelling Words - U2W3

High Frequency Words - U2 High Frequency Words

This week in Math, students will be able to...

...understand that facts with sums 6 through 10 with two or more addends with and without concrete objects.

...understand that ten can be shown in two parts in different ways and represented using addition number sentences.

...understand the relationships of 0-less-than, 1-less-than, and 2-less-than are the basis for subtraction facts with a 0, 1, and 2

...understand that addition every addition fact has a related subtraction fact.

The link below is for some math songs for your child to watch and practice their math facts.

This week in Social Studies, students will be able to...

...describe their community

...identify and describe landforms on the Earth's surface.

...record information that they have learned.

This week in Science, students will be able to...

...explore how engineers solve problems and design solutions.

This week we begin our new unit in Science called Air and Weather. Over the next few weeks, students will be working to answer the question: How can we design windmill blades that move on a windmill?

Throughout this unit, students will show their learning by:

  • making and recording detailed weather observations

  • explaining that wind is useful and has energy

  • describing properties of materials

  • explaining how characteristics of objects make them useful

  • using the Engineering Design Process to design, construct, and test windmill blades

We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. You can support your child’s learning by talking with your child about this unit and encouraging her/him to ask questions and think hard.

We are looking forward to our mechanical engineers embarking on their journey of learning!


Our homework goal is to provide reading, spelling, and math practice Monday through Thursday that does not exceed 30 minutes. Please make sure that our child returns all parts of the homework to school daily.

  • Reading: (15 minutes) It is important at this stage of reading development to monitor as your child reads aloud from his/her assigned book(s) and paper stories. Use the word sort sheet for quick drill.

  • All homework books must be returned daily.

  • Spelling: (5-10 minutes) Please give our child oral and written practice with the weekly spelling list. There will a spelling test on Fridays, which will include up to two sentences of dictation.

  • Math: (10 minutes) In the front pocket of your child's binder you will find one math review sheet to be completed by Friday.

Please read and initial your child’s homework sheet daily.

The homework sheet can also be used as a means to keep you informed of weekly events, and as a place for you to communicate with the teachers.

Upcoming Events

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Dooley Elementary Service Project- Hygiene Kit Drive

From September 17 through November 6, we are partnering with other Plano ISD PTA units, and the Plano ISD Council of PTAs to collect hygiene items. These item will be assembled into hygiene kits and delivered to Plano ISD schools for distribution to our students in need. Our goal is to complete 2,200 hygiene kits. But we need your help!

We invite all of our Dooley Families to consider donating any of the following items (all items should be NEW):

• Hair Brushes/Combs

• Deodorants

• Toothbrushes

• Toothpaste

• Dental Floss

• Wash Cloths

• Bar Soap

Our deadline for collection is November 6, 2015, for distribution before Thanksgiving Break.

Collection boxes can be found in the school office outside Nurse Gail’s door.