The Legacy of Rome

About Rome's Architecture

About Roman Architachure

The Romans were very skilled builders. They would borrow ideas from Greeks, and improve the work. The arch, the vault, and the dome were used to build huge structures. Their baths and other public structures often had arched vaults. A Roman invention that has been copied multiple times is the triumphal arch. It was first built to celebrate great victories or achievements. The Romans would also use concrete for lot's their building or monuments.

How It Is Used Today

Roman influences in the design of many modern churches, banks, and government buildings. One example is the Capitol building, the home of the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. Football stadiums also use Roman Architecture designs. Because of the tunnels, it made it easy for spectators to reach their seats.

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The Coliseum

Hundreds of skilled stonemasons were required to complete the building. It was also made out of concrete.