The real jobs

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  1. Pay- $72,860- $158,270
  2. Education- Bachelors degree plus experience
  3. Colleges with programs: Cisco College, East field college, South Texas college
Direct and coordinate the financial actives of workers and others in a branch, office or department of some sort. The institutions usually fall under a large establishment.
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Arts A/V technology and communications


  1. Pay- $43,380-$93,850
  2. Education- Bachelors degree with experiences
  3. Colleges with programs: Angelina college, Alvin community college, El centro college, lee college
-Their specialty is overseeing the creative aspect of commercials and other type of productions. They could also work with other form of artist such a photographer and discuss other matter relating to the production. Its important for them to recruit and work on projects like that in timely fashion.
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Human services


  1. Pay- $19,100- $41,770
  2. Education- Post secondary award
  3. Colleges with programs: Kilgore College, South plains college, Udesse college, pianola college.
- The main work includes them applying special skin treatment to clients of a company or private sector. They provide the treatment usually to face and some parts of the body. Its important to enhance the self worth of the clients and make them look better.
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