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10/10/2021 - Celebrating Consistency

Hello Families!

We know this year is still tough with transportation being inconsistent and COVID providing its own inconsistencies as well. We at Napoleon want to celebrate those that are being consistent with their behaviors and academics despite all of the interruptions. Ask your scholar about the following:

Daily Principal Shoutouts: Everyday a whole class or an individual scholar can get a shoutout from the principal based on great behavior, great choices, quality academics taking place in class, etc. The class or scholar will earn Kickboard money for the shoutout.

Class of the Week: Staff will vote on which class has displayed the most consistent behavior and academic efforts. That class will earn a dress down day.

7th and 8th Grade Student of the Week: This individual will earn a dress down day as well as their photo posted in the newsletter as well as on our school's IG (make sure you follow us @aplusartsacademy )

Student of the Month: This scholar will receive a sign to put in their yard/window, a dress down day, and lunch.

Join us in encouraging scholars to remain consistent with their behaviors and efforts no matter what day it is and what class they are in. A life skill is to be able to adapt to any environment no matter who is leading. Let's celebrate consistency together!!

The 1st Quarter is soon coming to an end. Please make sure you child is checking with their teacher's about anything they can do to finish the quarter well.

Nationwide Children's Mobile Unit - coming to Napoleon on October 20th. Please see flier below!

Masks - Please emphasize to your scholar the need for the mask to be over their mouth and nose. This is a team effort to maintain the health and safety of ALL in the building.

Kickboard - Kickboard is an online Positive Behavioral Support System that is used to monitor scholar behavior with the intent to reward scholars for proper behavior in all school environments. Scholars have been given "scholar dollars" and this Friday had their first opportunity to purchase incentives from the Kickboard Store. Please encourage your scholars to keep making right behavior choices, complete their work, and participate well in class.

Health and Safety - Parents/Guardians, at this time we will not be allowing visitors to enter the building. If there is a need in the building, please come to the door, ring the bell and we will meet you at the door to provide any supports. Thank you for your understanding, as we work hard to keep the building safe and all within healthy.

Also, please remember the following:

1. COVID Guidelines: All scholars and staff must wear masks in the building. Please make sure your child has their own mask.

Visitors will not be allowed in the building during school hours. This is for the health and safety of all scholars and staff. This includes parents/guardians. If you have a specific need we will meet you at the front door to best serve you.

Your scholar may bring a refillable water bottle to school as we now have COVID safe, touchless drinking fountains.

2. Transportation: We know that there may some issues tomorrow with transportation. As much as we would like to help you with every need, the best way for you to get the information you need is to call 614-365-5074. Please communicate to us anything you learn so we can best support you and other parents.

3. Uniform - Please make sure your scholar is in uniform tomorrow. Black polo top, black or khaki bottoms (no leggings), any shoes (no slides). If you are in need of any support with these items, please do not hesitate to ask.

4. Cell Phones - scholar's cell phones must be in their lockers during school hours. Those that did not make it to orientation will receive the cell phone policy tomorrow.

Important Dates

October 15th - End of 1st Quarter

October 18th - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

October 20th - Nationwide Children's Mobile Unit @ Napoleon

November 2nd - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

November 22nd/23rd - Parent Teacher Conferences

November 24th - 26th - Thanksgiving Break

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S.T.E.P.P. Advisory

Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 6pm

270 South Napoleon Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA and ZOOM

S.T.E.P.P. = Support Today's Education Parents and Partnership

- Led by families for families

- Join us the first Tuesday evening of every month to learn from and connect with other A+ Arts Academy parents.

- The goal is to maintain an open dialogue with families and the school as well as offer the opportunity to build connections with community members and local businesses in order to connect parents, scholars and staff to community resources, to increase growth for all.

Please join us because your input is INVALUABLE!

ZOOM LINK: https://zoom.us/j/4537135913?pwd=UWgyMlcyUG1yZkZVSmFHdmIxQ1FTdz09

From the office

Parent Survey from PLA

We want to hear from our families! Please take 2 minutes to complete. Thank you!

From Your Teachers

Reading Intervention Newsletter

Check Out OurTeacher's Pages!

ELA: https://sites.google.com/phalenacademies.org/napoleon78/ms-maloney

Science: Last week, scholars in 7th grade participated in the Metric Olympics where we focused on measuring using the metric system in science. Ask your student about their favorite event! 7th grade will be focused on mass, weight, volume and calculating density. Previously, 8th graders made a 2D model of the layers of the earth and will be starting an investigation on earthquakes and seismic waves.

Our Afterschool program starts Monday October 4th, please sign up if interested in extracurricular activities and homework help including access to Science club and tutoring with Ms. KB. If your child is not enrolled in the afterschool program they will not be allowed to stay after the school day ends. Parents, please plan to attend next month's STEPP Advisory meeting on October 5th at 6 p.m. either in person or through zoom. All students with a family member attending receive extra credit in science. I will be available before and during the meeting for parents who need access to grades and/or need assistance will email communications with A+. Please look out for your scholar on our Science class page in the Hall of Awesomeness at https://sites.google.com/phalenacademies.org/napoleon78/ms-brewington

Art Corner: Hello A+ Families!

As a reminder Art class is for a grade for 8th grade. Materials 7th and 8th grade will need for their projects are a Sharpie, colored pencils and a ruler.

I am uploading YouTube videos to our YouTube channel of how to do each project for students who are absent. I’ll make them near the end of each project and include all steps and due dates. Here’s a link to the channel:

A+ Arts YouTube Channel:


I’m grading projects during class, but I can also accept work through email if they are absent or late to school. Just attach a picture of their work.

Mr. Eades email:


PE Reminder: For COVID purposes our water fountains are only set up to fill cups or water bottles. Please have your scholar bring a refillable water bottle on PE days.

Varsity Drum Line: Please use the following link to order your drum line uniform. This is for those that Mr. Powell has indicated, made drum line for this year, based off their tryouts. http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/APLUSDRUMLINE If you have any questions, please email jpowell@aplusarts.com.

Napoleon Technology Support

If you or your scholar are having any problems with logging in to your school email please email napoleonloginhelp@aplusarts.com for any assistance

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