World Geo

Cheat sheet/Study Guide


  • Green Revolution: increase in food production
  • Stateless Nation: has everything but there own country
  • Population Density: measuring of population by unit area
  • Plate Tectonics: crustal plates that make up the crust
  • Transboundary Pollution: pollution that originates from one country and affects another
  • Outsourcing: send away company work to be done by another company
  • Subsistence Farming: provides enough food for family but not for market/sale
  • Commercial Farming: farming for profit
  • Cultural Assmilation: language/culture resembles another group of people
  • Cultural Hearth: an area where ideas spread worldwide
  • Cultural Diffusion: spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another
  • Urbanization: rural to urban areas
  • Globalization: tendency of business, technologies, and philosophies

Political Principles

Type of government:

  • Theocratic- religious government, God is the ruler/leader
  • Democratic- power of people through elected represenatives
  • Totalitarian- centralized control by and autocratic authority
  • Monarchy- ruling monarch makes desicions on there own
Types of economy:

  • Mixed- mixture of privately, and publicly owned businesses
  • Command- completely controlled by the central government
  • Market- allows total freedom with business owners to set prices, create products, and fail or succeed on there own.
  • Traditional- government provides most important public services and permits private ownership of some buisnesses.

  • Wealthier/Developed- population mostly in service, good GDP, etc...
  • Less Developed- poor health, high birth/death rates, high population growth, etc...

  • Primary- agricultures, fishing, etc...
  • Tertiary- a separate party that eventually produces products for a third party
  • Quaternary- a further delineation of 3 sector sector hypothesis

Stuff to know

  • Huge migration shift in America was called manifest destiny, they moved west
  • (NAFTA)&(E.U.) were formed to encourage trade between neighboring countries
  • Innovations that led to sea travel were boats and planes
  • To slow down climate change people's are reducing the use of chemicals and letting out pollution
  • Immigrants add there own societable views to a diverse country
  • The green revolution increased agricultural production world wide
  • The arrival of the conquistadors in the 16 th century event had the greatest impact on Mexico
  • The Colombian exchange led to the introduction of new foods in Westerns Europe
  • The U.S acquired peace treaties on their northern and southern borders
  • If a map question appears look at the key,and the country, and the captions. It will help you answer more accurately.
  • Muslims- Sunni & Shia
  • Africa Nelson Mandela fought for freedom
  • Africa has a bad disease rate, and they can spread without control
  • African food customs and Caribbean were influenced by the African slave trade.
  • Africa is slowly developing.
  • Israelis boarders have changed so much due to the Palestinian fights
  • Women have little to no freedom in Islamic culture
  • Saudi Arabia is such a. Bug deal world wide becuase of Mecca, and oil
  • Mount Everest was created by the movement of tectonic plates that moved the Indian subcontinent up to Asia
  • Monsoons are highly depended on by the people of Southeast Asia bapecuade it waters there crops
  • Most Chinese cuties are located on the coast
  • Be sure to locate everything on the maps and know where major landforms are