Components of a network

Switches, what are they?

Switches are network devices that allows multiple computers to join together through one Local Area Network (LAN). Generally, switches normally work at a layer two (Data Link Layer) of the OSI Model.

Hubs, what are they?

Networking Hubs are the central components of Local Area Networks (LAN). They have several ports for Ethernet cable to be plug into for network, the other ends of the Ethernet cables are then attached to computers.

Routers, what are they?

Routers are the small devices that connect multiple networks together. They forward and route data packets along networks. However, some Routers have modems inside them, this means you can connect your home network to the internet wireless.

Ring Networks, what are they?

Ring networks; general name is Ring Topology, they are normally used where each network or device is connected to each other forming a circle, or similar to a shape. Each packet is sent around the circle until it reaches it final destination.

Star Networks, what are they?

Star topology is commonly used in home networks. They have a central connection as their main feature called the "Hub Node". These can be a Network Hub, Switch or Router.

Bus Networks, what are they?

Bus networks are

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