Wanted Cyberbully

reward $1,000,000

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Types of Cyberbullying

anonymity:It is when someone hides its real identity from the internet. A cyberbully might hide its identity. Someone can send you a hurtful message and you may not know who it is.

pseudonym: Is the nickname you use in the internet. Cyberbullies might use a different name of their real name to keep their real identity safe.

Flaming: Is an intense argument in chat rooms, etc. The people who want to cause flaming use capital letters and symbols to show their emotions.

Masquerading: is when a cyberbully makes someone belief that it is another person. It may make someone think someone else is your best friend and you give a password to him.

Cyberstalking: is a type of harassment that occurs in texts and email.

Outing: is forwarding or public a private chat especially when it is a private message or contains sexual information.

Harassment: Is when a bully sends repetitive offensive messages to a person or group.