Summer Ball playlist

Miles McCormick

Song #1 Basketball - Kurtis Blow

This song would be in the very beginning of the book right before Danny leaves for camp. They are going to a top notch basketball camp and this song is a perfect fit for the mood. If anyone has ever heard this song they would know that it is about the love for the game. Danny definitely has a love for the game making the fit even better

Song #2 See you again - Wiz Khalifa

This is the part in the book when Danny fakes and Injury to try and leave the camp because he hates it and is extremely sad. He tries to leave, but before he does one of the counselors talks him out of it. Lucky for Danny, that was just what he needed. The song would come right before he gets the pep talk and is about to leave, the song would then be rudely interrupted by the counselor.

Song #3 I won't back down - Tom Petty

This song is going with the part when Danny's coach tells him he should play soccer instead of basketball. Danny is very upset with his coach and plans to prove him wrong in the only way he knows how. The game of basketball. He is not going to listen to his coach, but instead do the opposite, and play more than ever before.

Survivor - Destiny's child

The very end of the book is most fitting for this song because it is after they came back and won the championship due to Danny, and after he told off his coach about how wrong he was. The main point of emphasis is not coming back to win the game or telling off the coach it is actually surviving the camp as a whole. He at first hated it ,but in the end he surprised himself when he realized he actually really liked the camp.