U.S.A Government Times

By: Caera, Bella, Berenice, and Julianna

Have you ever wondered what a government is like?

To have a good government we use the three branches of the government and the presedent. But having a government is not as easy as it seems. Many jobs throughout the government make the laws, approve of them and so much more the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches,and the other parts of the government the bill of rights, democracy and so much more!! Here, check it out yourself to find out more information about these jobs and what they do.

Legislative Branch Caera M.

The Legislative Branch can also be called the Congress.There are two parts of the Congress the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The House of Representatives has 435 representatives each state has a different number of representatives depending on the states size. The speaker is the leader of all the representatives. To be a representative you must have certain qualifications.

The Senate has 100 members two for each state. To be a member of the Senate you must have certain qualifications.

The Legislative branch makes the laws. A law starts as a bill. Before a bill becomes a law it must go through the Legislative process. First a member of Congress must present the bill to the Congress. Second the bill has to go through committees who decide whether to change, accept,or,reject the bill. Third once the commits are done with the bill it is presented to the entire Congress. The Congress has a discussion about the pros and cons of the bill. After that the Congress votes on whether to send the bill to the president to be signed and become a law. But the President can say he does not want the bill to be a law and veto the bill. However the Congress can override the veto by getting two

The Judicial branch Julianna H.

This article is about the Judicial branch in the U.S government. The Judicial branch makes the laws.

Judicial has one of the more important jobs. Many people can have participation in this branch.

The power the Judicial branch has on the country is vested by the supreme court. The judges of both the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their office during good behavior. At stated times, receive for their services a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

In all other cases before mentioned, the supreme court should have appellate jurisdiction. As you can see, the judicial branch can be very powerful with the U.S government. As you can see the jobs of the Judicial branch has much importance to the government world.

The Executive Branch Berenice P.

I will tell you about the Executive branch. A branch of Government. It helps keep the Government running.The power of Executive Branch is created by The President of United States. And, Acts like they were the “Boss” of the State and a Commander in armed forces. The President and the Executive branch makes sure the laws of United States are obeyed.Since this is a big job the President gets help from his Vice President. The President of United States is the master of the executive branch in the government. Therefore, the Executive branch has been known as the “boss” of the government because the president is in charge.

The Bill of Rights Bella S.

The Bill of rights includes 10 amendments, each amendment is a key add on rule to the Constitution.

The first amendment states that all people may use freedom of speech and that all people can respect and obey the laws of their very own religion.

The second amendment declares that you may own arms as long as you have not used them for any harm.

The third amendment says that no soldier has a right to take over a persons household and have the owner obey there odd tasks that they must do for the soldier.

These amendments may seem so simple but the rest may be used harshly.

Democracy Bella S.

Democracy has two parts to it including the direct democracy and the representative democracy. Most countries use the representative democracy where officials are elected into special positions of power by the people. Us ourselves the U.S.A use the representative democracy we elect a president and they take some power in running the country.


The government is helping America become a better place. Without the government America could be a horrible place. The reason the colonists wanted the government is so America will not become like England so this is the way we have explained the government to you. So that you can expect good things from it. And be glad that you have this great country called the U.S.A.