Fifth president of Iraq


Saddam Hussein was the fifth president of Iraq. Saddam was born in April 28 ,1937. Saddam was a dictator and made the wealthy people live a good life and he made the poor live a horrible life. For example he tortured and executed the poor people. He was caught in 2003 and executed in 2006.

Saddam early life

Saddam was born in April 28, 1937. Saddam's father was a Sheppard and disappeared a couple months earlier then he Saddam was born . Then a few months later Saddam's older brother died of cancer. After that, his mother got depressed because of Saddam's brothers death and Saddam's father's disappearance. Then at age 3 he got sent away to live with his uncle. Then later on he was sent back to his mother but he got abused by his stepfather. Then he went back to Talfah. In 1957 when Saddam was 20 joined joined the Ba'ath party. His party tried to kill the president of that time.

Saddam's Rise To Power

In 1963 Qasim's government was overthrown. That was called Ramadan Revolution Saddam was thrown in prison but he was still in politics. In 1968 Saddam participated in a bloodless but successful Ba'athist coup that resulted in Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr to become president of Iraq. In 1979 al-Bakr tried to unite Iraq and Syria that would of made Saddam powerless. Then in the Ba'ath meeting they wrote 68 people's name and they all got arrested for treason and 22 died. by 1979 hundreds of Saddam's political partners were dead.

Gulf War

The Gulf war resulted in economic hardship. During the 1990's various Shi-ite and kurdish uprising occurred. The rest of the world fearing another war. In 1993 when Iraqi forces violated a no-fly zone imposed by the united nations.

Saddam's fall

Soon after 9/11 attacks on the world trade center in NYC Soviet intelligence informed the U.S government that Iraq is planning a terrorist attack on U.S.A. In 2002 state of union address president George W. Bush part of his so called "Axis of Evil" along with Iran and North Korea and claimed they were developing weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam's execution

In 2003 Saddam was captured he was in a small underground farm house in in December 13. Then he was sent to the U.S and Baghdad and would stay there till June 30. in 2004 he had a trial against humanity. In 2006 Saddam was found guilty and sentenced to death. Saddam was hanged despite the request to be shot. He was buried in Al-Awja his birth place in December 31 2006.
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